Easy Halloween Decorating For Kids

Decorating is an exciting part of any holiday. I don’t go too crazy with Halloween specific decorations and usually like to focus on a fall/autumn theme, however my boys like to do some decorating of their own. Instead of having to relinquish my entire house to the Halloween decorations, I gave the boys the dining room and let them go to town.

Easy Halloween Decorating For Kids #FallFun31

They focus on the back sliders and take their decorating VERY seriously. The five year old has a very intricate system, while the twenty-one month old’s system is simple.. take down whatever his brother puts up and move it. The first thing we do is divvy up the decorations. As you can imagine, decorations need to be durable -or cheap- with two little boys. I opt for the cheap route.

Easy Halloween Decorating For Kids #FallFun31

The boys start with the window clings. We have some gel ones that spell out Happy Halloween and pumpkin shapes. We also have some non gel clings of bats, pumpkins, cats, witch owls, and skulls. Next we have the larger paper decorations and Caution Tape that says “Trick or Treat Zone”. All of these goodies go right on the back sliders. They accent the window clings great, but do require a little tap to stay up. This year my aunt got the boys sticky foamlike skulls which were decorated with glitter. They weren’t super sticky and seem to stick to the slider perfectly.

As a bonus I added my son’s artwork for school into the decorations. We get so many papers that come home and I like to display his work, however its hard to incorporate everything. The Halloween and fall projects are perfect to use for decorations around the house!

Easy Halloween Decorating For Kids #FallFun31

You can grab most of the window decorations at the dollar store. We usually start decorating at the beginning of October and by the time Halloween comes, our decorations are a lot lighter (this year we lost the gel Happy Halloween letters). But the kids still love being able to put stuff up on the windows and I love to watch their creativity as they create a Halloween masterpiece!

Easy Halloween Decorating For Kids #FallFun31

How do you keep decorating for Halloween simple?


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