Mamaw’s Homemade Apple Turnovers

When I first started dating my husband, he would often talk about his Mamaw’s homemade apple turnovers and how much he loved them, ever since he was a little boy. Every trip to see his family, we would visit with his grandparents and his Mamaw would make her boy his favorite apple treat. After over a decade of going and watching her make these delicious turnovers, we finally decided to write down the step by step instructions (and of course get her okay to share the family recipe).

Mamaw’s apple turnover are 100% from scratch, however if you aren’t that adventurous, you can certainly use canned biscuits. WARNING: There are NO measurements for any of the ingredients below. Its all by eye and by taste, which means you’ll have to taste as you go, and find the best amounts that fit your liking.

Mamaw's Homemade Apple Turnovers #FallFun31

1. Make your dough by using shortening, buttermilk & flour. Knead by hand to make a workable dough.
Tip: If you aren’t that adventurous you can use canned biscuits!

2. Cook fresh apples with cinnamon & sugar to make your filling. (Again add cinnamon & sugar to taste there is no exact measurements here)

3. Roll out your dough to make about a 6” circle.

4. Add your apple filling to the dough, leaving enough room to fold over & press the edges together.

5. Add a little shortening & butter to the pan that is pre-heated to medium-low. Fry the Turnover until golden brown on each side. Make sure that you cook the breading all the way through.

6. Let cool & enjoy!

The great thing about these turnovers is you can fill with ANY fruit. The recipe would be great with peaches or even berries. While these are the PERFECT fall food, we love to eat them year round!

Mamaw's Homemade Apple Turnovers #FallFun31

What special food did you love when you were growing up?

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  1. Gail Shaver says:

    Let me just say since I have had these my entire life lol. Use a tart apple. The best is Ginger golds but they are only for a very short period each year. Granny smith’s will work as well as many others. And even though I have watched all my life Mamaw’s dough is hard to replicate. Lol but these are the best. And for those watching your diet they can be baked. Not as good but still really good. Served warm with a scoop of vanilla is also awesome.

    1. I’ve never tasted anything like Mamaw’s dough and she makes it look so easy! These are without a doubt my favorite! Ive never had them with the ice cream, we may need to try that on our next trip down!

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