Lessons From A Five Year Old Boy

Its been one week since we celebrated my baby boy’s 5th birthday. While I still have a mix of emotions about my baby venturing out into the world through Kindergarten, I’ve really been able to think and appreciate all of the incredible things he’s taught me in the past five years.

Trey collage 1

So to my baby boy thank you for teaching me these lessons…

  • there are more important things in life than Bebe shirts and Manolo shoes
  • farts are funny
  • the Avengers are NOT the same super heroes as Justice League
  • there is nothing more fun than running on all fours like an animal
  • grunts and growls are acceptable forms of communication when you are pretending to be an animal
  • the bigger the poop, the bigger the bragging right
  • your little boy’s laugh is the sweetest sound
  • dirt is OKAY
  • anything can be used as a weapon
  • having a little brother is exhausting
  • clothes are always optional
  • the purpose of furniture and blankets are to make forts
  • peeing outside is the best thing about being a boy
  • hearing someone call you “mommy” will make your heart melt
  • hearing someone say “i love you mommy” will take your breath away



I’ll do my best to embrace and enjoy each and every day, and hope in the meantime that the next five years slow down .. JUST a little!

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  1. This is awesome. Love the list. It’s funny how you can go from a princess to talking poop!

  2. Cute. Boys love the farts and burps!! I have always been amazed at what I learn from the kids at that age. One of my favorites is when my granddaughter, who is also 5, refers to people, she calls them humans! Haha!

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