Tips for Apple Picking This Fall

Apple picking is a great activity for the family and has typically been a fall school field trip favorite! Before you head out to the orchard, make sure you’re ready for the ultimate in Apple Picking fun with these tips!

Tips for Apple Picking This Fall #FallFun31

1. Have a camera ready. There are so many great candid moments, not to mention the gorgeous trees and foliage in the background. You’ll be sure to capture an amazing photo to share, just be ready to snap it in an instant!

2. Don’t forget the tissues. Being outdoors in the fall (especially in New England) is almost a guarantee for some type of runny nose. Have tissues on hand to ensure those boogies don’t get out of control!

3. Wipes are important too! Let’s face it, chances are your kid is going to pick an apple and immediately want to eat it. While a little dirt never hurt anyone, a little wipe never did either. Keep wipes on hand (pun intended) to give the apples a quick once-over and to keep those dirty little hands clean.

4. Double check the apples before you let your child fully commit. The fun in Apple picking is being able to pull the apples off the trees, but you want to make sure they’re ready to be picked. Let your kids do the picking but offer them a little guidance on what to look for in an apple that’s ready for picking!

Use 3 simple steps:

A. Apple is nice and round
B. No bruises or holes on the Apple
C. The coloring (which all depends on the type of Apple)

5. Have a set number or poundage limit for the apples. Apple picking is so much fun that you can easily get carried away and end up 50lbs in fruit! Have a set plan before you start so your kids have an idea of how much they can pick. It can be 10 apples or to fill an entire bag. Either way it helps your kids gauge their picking.

Tips for Apple Picking This Fall #FallFun31

Remember the Apple picking fun doesn’t stop at the orchard! Once you have you’re apples you get to enjoy eating them and making tasty treats!

Tips for Apple Picking This Fall #FallFun31

What’s your favorite part about Apple picking?

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