Create Healthy Oral Development with Orajel™ Kids

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*Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post, however my love for Orajel™ Kids is true*

We’ve been an Orajel™ Kids family since my oldest son was an infant. Teething was the first big huddle we encountered having a baby. I could remember the helplessness I felt watching my baby boy with swollen gums just cry and put his head on my shoulder. I also remember the first time my mom told me to get Orajel Kids and the look on his face when I put the soothing gel on his gums. It was as if a huge wave of relief came over him and for the first time in hours he wasn’t focused on his mouth. From that point on, we knew Orajel Kids would be a detrimental part of our lives and it was no surprise how Orajel is the #1 teething brand recommended by pediatricians and pharmacists.

Create Healthy Oral Development with Orajel

I used the nighttime teething gel on my son before bed, which gave him the relief to actually sleep through the night (something that is unheard of when a baby is teething). During the day, when he seemed to be bothered by his teething, I used the regular teething gel to provide him with relief. It never failed, whenever a new tooth was coming through, Orajel Kids was our go to product. We carried on the Orajel Kids process with my second son and it worked just as well! Teething was the dreaded stage that all of my friends spoke about as doom and gloom. For us, it was just another milestone, that required a little Orajel Kids.

When my older son graduated to the toddler stage, it was really important that he learned the importance of taking care of his teeth. Once he was ready to use a toothpaste with brushing, we opted for the Orajel Kids Training Toothpaste. This was the perfect transition to get him ready for regular brushing and gave us the peace of mind that his teeth were receiving the proper care they needed.

Create Healthy Oral Development with Orajel

As a “big boy” kindergartener, he has graduated yet again to the Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste and loved the Berry Blast flavor. He is a dedicated brusher that uses his toothbrush and toothpaste every morning and before bed. Going to the dentist is exciting for him, because his dentist is always complimenting what a great job he does with brushing.

The great routine we started with my oldest son has trickled down to my younger son, who mimics everything his big brother does. He loves his Orajel Kids toothbrush with fun characters like Elmo and feels like such a big boy when he brushing his teeth. My favorite thing about Orajel Kids is they have you covered during every stage of oral development. From teething, to learning to brush, and starting to brush on his/her own, Orajel Kids has been there for us.

Create Healthy Oral Development with Orajel

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Create Healthy Oral Development With Orajel Kids



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel™ Kids.

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