Wildgrain is the Perfect Box for Clean and High-Quality Carbs

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Delivery services and subscription boxes are how we receive food in 2023. Finding one that offered clean and high-quality carbs has been a challenge, until now! The perfect box has arrived for sourdough breads, pastries, and pastas that are made with clean ingredients thanks to Wildgrain. In just 25 minutes, I’m able to serve some of our favorite items from the freezer and deliver them hot, right from our oven!

Wildgrain has allowed me to scale-up my hosting with delicious items that require ZERO prep and harbor zero guilt knowing they’re made with clean ingredients and an artisanal process that provide important nutrition benefits! All items are ready-to-bake whether you take them directly from the box or your freezer!

When you receive your Wildgrain box, you can be confident its packed with clean food that tastes amazing! The founders of Wildgrain did their research and in the process learned three important unique health benefits of the fermentation process used to make sourdough bread.

  1. it digests the majority of the gluten in the bread
  2. it contains lactic acid which helps your body absorb more nutrients
  3. it contains probiotics which in turn keeps your gut biome healthy

Who knew there were so many more health benefits when you follow a certain process?!

Wildgrain items are baked in less than 25 minutes. You can make 30 plus meals with the items contained in each Wildgrain Box! Here are some reasons, you NEED a Wildgrain Box membership

  • The clean ingredients and long fermentation process provide health benefits that aren’t available when you shop at a grocery store
  • No commitment: You can reschedule your delivery, skip a delivery, or cancel at any time (although you won’t want to)
  • No thawing required: Products can go from frozen in the box to your table in 25 minutes
  • FREE delivery: complete with Eco friendly packaging and packed with dry ice
  • Support small bakeries: you enjoy products from the best bakers and pasta makers in the US
  • Give Back: for every Wildgrain membership, 6 meals are donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank

Let’s not forget, Wildgrain products are vegetarian, use clean ingredients, unbleached flour, non GMO, no artificial colors, and a great source of fiber!

Starting your Membership is EASY! Simply select if you want the Mixed Box or the Bakery Box. You’ll receive your Wildgrain Box delivered each month. You can store the items in your freezer or bake them in less than 25 minutes! After your initial order, you’ll be able to substitute items in your upcoming box up to four days before the charge date. Plus, you’ll receive email reminders four days prior, so there’s never any surprise charges if you want to alter your delivery date! Click here to get your own Wildgrain Subscription Box

I was so excited to receive our first Wildgrain Box, I decided to make a Wildgrain Charcuterie board! Not only was it a huge hit, but something about fresh bread coming out of the oven makes me feel like my mom-game is on point!

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