My Response to Mike Francesa on Paternity Leave

It’s no secret times have changed when it comes to family dynamics. Years ago fathers sat in a room waiting for the arrival of their baby… and found out not only WHEN the baby arrived, but also if it was a boy or girl. Not only are men allowed in the delivery room but they’re now offered (in some industries) a paternity leave.

Now … I get it.. paternity leave is a rather “new” concept to many people (mainly those who either A. do not have children or B. raised a family in the olden days). But as paternity leave becomes more mainstream and adopted, more individuals are weighing in on their thoughts… especially when it comes to professional athletes. I couldn’t help but Laugh Out Loud at the latest rant I heard from Boomer Esiason- and specifically Mike Francesa regarding Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy taking three days paternity leave.

I’ve never been a fan of Mike Francesa from the start. His arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude taints his remarkable knowledge about sports and statistics. I’ve always chalked it up to him being an EXTREMELY insecure person… if you have to hang up on a caller of your radio show because your brain can’t intellectually hold a dispute, you need to re-evaluate yourself. But no stress off my back, I simply tune OUT of anything he’s on .. the greatest thing about sports commentators is there is ALWAYS another option.

Mike’s daddy issues are ever so prevalent when you listen to his actual rant about Daniel Murphy. Mike goes into his own experience and solidifies why he won’t be in the running anytime soon for a father or husband of the year. He not only has complete disregard for moms who had just given birth by asking what the dad is going to do at the hospital, but blatantly states “what is he [Daniel Murphy] gonna do for three days” referring to after being discharged from the hospital.


Well Mr. Francesa, let me explain to you in simple terms why you will never be able to hold a candle to my husband’s ass.

Besides the fact that its the beginning of the baseball season (you’re not in game 7 of the world series) I’m sure that Murphy is taking the time to BOND with his newborn and I don’t know just possibly SUPPORT his wife and change a diaper or two. Believe it or not many dads are actually EXCITED (and anxious) about being a dad and bringing a little person into the world. Perhaps its also the fact that his wife may have just endured hours of pain and her body is now healing from not only the beating over the past 9 months, but the lovely journey of having a human being escape from her vagina. A c-section just means instead of her vagina being stretched, she had to undergo a SURGERY, had a catheter, and will worry for the next several weeks about anything rubbing against her incision. Either way I’m sure Murphy was purely thinking about being there for the woman who bore his child.

To answer your question regarding “what he will do” in more detail here are a few things I can think of off the top of my head:

– change diapers
– take a NAP
– hold baby
– rock baby
– stare at baby in amazement that you created that little being

The saddest part about Mike Francesa’s comments is the disregard he has for fatherhood. In a society where Stay At Home Dads and dads getting primary custody of their children are becoming more of the “norm”, Mike is the epitome of the statement that anyone can be a father, NOT everyone can be a daddy. My husband became a daddy from the day I found out I was pregnant. He endured all of the kicks when my sons were in my belly, held my hand and counted out EVERY SINGLE contraction through both labors, and looked at me in amazement and awe after I gave birth. But it didn’t stop there. He was with me a few days after my oldest was born.. changing diapers, doing laundry, and making sure I was okay. I watched his face as he reluctantly left for work leaving his newborn and wife at home in the morning. I watched the same face light up in the evenings as he ran through the door towards the sink so he can wash up and hold his newborn son.

Do professional athletes make a lot of money? YES. Do they have a commitment to a team? YES. Is that a bigger commitment than that to their spouses and children? NO.

Where does Mike Francesa rank on your Dad of the Year O-Meter? 


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  1. Christy Herring says:

    Great damn post! You hit the nail on the head! My middle child is almost 9 and my husband took a month of paternity leave when I had him! And think about how taboo it was almost ten years ago!

  2. I’m lucky I have an understanding work environment that believes in fostering the family bond and that time spent with my family makes me a happier and more productive employee. This article in response to @Mike Francesca’s rant is spot on. He just doesn’t get it.

  3. He definitely doesn’t get it.. pretty sad. There are a lot of amazing dads out there!

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