5 things to do before the new school year

The school year is rapidly approaching and that means it is time to get your back to school to-do list in order! There are so many things to do before the new school year, but here are a few things that you absolutely need to put on your to-do list that can help you get organized, prepared, and excited about this upcoming school year!

Stock up on school supplies

Do you remember stocking up on school supplies when you were younger? It was always so much fun for me! The joy of a fresh, unwritten notebook is something that never gets old. Neither does choosing a cool backpack and lunchbox. One of the most important considerations to make is the backpack: kids are often loaded up with textbooks, making their backpack far too heavy for them. This can cause neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain or discomfort. So, make sure you choose a sturdy backpack that offers a lot of support. The next thing on your list is to go through your back-to-school supply list, if one was provided by the school or teacher. This is important to do so that you do not forget anything!


Ensure summer homework or reading is complete

If your child has been given any homework assignments over the summer, make sure that they are all completed, and to a high standard. I know that it is probably the last thing that they wanted to do during summer break, but there’s no excuse for handing in sloppy work when you’ve had all summer to work on it.


Start adjusting to your school schedule sooner rather than later

To make going back to school a smoother transition, parents might want to adjust their own schedule. For the first week of school, kids can benefit from having their parents be home at the end of the school day. Or, make sure both parents are home in the evening for that first week of school. Especially during the school year, it’s important for kids to have a consistent school-night routine. Families can start this routine a few weeks before school starts. On school nights, parents should make sure their children:

-Get enough sleep and have a set bedtime

-Are organized for the next day, such as laying out clothes they’re going to wear and putting homework in their backpack

-In the morning, eat a healthy breakfast before school 


Go to the meet the teacher day

You don’t need to stay long, or have an in-depth conversation with your child’s new teacher, but showing up and introducing yourself at the meet the teacher day is a great first step to make sure that you are doing everything possible to make sure that your child succeeds this school year. Just quickly introduce yourself, drop off supplies, and maybe slip the teacher a small coffee gift card, if you feel like it. Teachers are working very long hours this time a year, so a little “thank you in advance,” will go a very long way to showing them your gratitude. 

If you are considering a move, do it quickly

If you are considering a big life change such as a move, do it quickly, preferably before the new school year starts. No matter what grade your child is in, it’s important to try to keep things as stable as possible for them. Moving during the school year (especially if they have to change schools) could be pretty challenging. With that being said, if you are even considering a big move, try to do it before the year starts. If you do end up moving, have fun with it. Let your child choose their own room, try to meet up with some of their new schoolmates before the year starts, and take a fun family day during the physical moving process (if you are hiring movers, of course). Because we love highlighting amazing local businesses, check out Fresh Start – The Moving Crew if you do end up moving. They are a local MA-based moving company who specializes in residential moves and commercial moves all throughout the New England area, but they also do Worcester long distance moving, as well, which can be helpful if you are moving out of the New England area. They have a 5-star rating on Yelp, a 4.9-star rating on Google, and a 5-star rating with the BBB. The owner and his crew truly do their best to go above and beyond. If you’re looking for a local MA-based business to support, this is definitely a great one to use if you are moving or need heavy furniture moved around your home.


There are so many things to do before the approaching school year. One thing to remember is that while the school year is almost here, we are still in summer and you only get 18 summers with your precious babies. Soak in these last few days and make the most of them!

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