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Parenting is all about the wins. The big wins, the small wins, the wins you thought you had but turn out to be someone else’s wins- yeah there’s no shame, we’ll take those wins too. The truth is, there are so many times as a parent where you just feel like you’re failing at EVERYTHING- that you will take every opportunity for a possible win at parenting.  So what if through all those fails, you could have at least a handful of guaranteed wins each month? It sounds too good to be true, but its not, its something called Mommy Hacks.

Every mom has their own set of hacks to utilize the resources around them while maximizing time and minimizing meltdowns. Mommy Hacks helps you do all of that through their monthly subscription box. Each box comes with a theme of products intended to simplify everyday activities, both conserving time, and energy, allowing mom a little chance to focus on herself. Mommy Hacks founder, Jamie Parganos, understands being a mom is hard and created a box of goodies to help you out!

Our first box came, and I couldn’t believe how much my Mommy Hacks impacted our routine! Our hacks included:

Drink in the Box by Precidio Designs: Perfect for the homemade Sugar-free kool aid (YES, My box came complete with the recipe!)
Vintage Alphabet Silverware Set Sugarbooger by Ore Originals: This set comes with a magnetized case, perfect for containing even the messiest utensils when you are on the go!
Snack Happens Mini Reusable Snack and Everything Bag by Its Ritsy: These machine washable snack bags are not only adorable, but perfect for my wallet (and the environment).
Purebread Sandwich Cutter- Cat by Fred & Friends: No more fighting to remove crust from sandwiches, and the fancy cat outline makes any mom look like a pinterest star!
Empowermints by Unemployed Philosophers Guild: The perfect little refreshened after lunch!
Wow Butter: Our schools are both peanut-free, so this staple is a necessity when you need a home lunch in a jiffy!
Hacks Mini-Mag: This complete list of 5 food hacks featured Peanut Butter and Jelly hacks for even the pickiest of eaters!
Wonder Mommy Lunch Notes: One of my favorite hacks, I was able to send my littlest guy with an awesome note complete with a Made by Mommy drawing!
Butterfly Snack Hack: Our butterfly bag was the perfect carrier for goldfish!

Not only did my Mommy Hacks save a ton of time on getting lunches together, but I felt like a SUPER Star as I added my homemade juice, lunch notes, and crafty snack bag to my son’s backpack. It was the epitome of a mom win!

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If you are a super mom and are ready to access exclusive hacks sign up for your Mommy Hacks subscription today!

*Compensation was provided by Mommy Hacks via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Mommy Hacks or Momtrends. 

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