Inspire Creativity in Kids with Pentel Pop

As a kid growing up in the 90’s I took doodling to a whole new level with my neon pens. From bubble letters to custom signs, the creative juices were constantly flowing. Fast forward almost three decades later and Pentel Pop is still working to inspire creativity in kids!

My kids all love making masterpieces, but my oldest son really honed in on his creativity. At eight years old, he has already created his very own comic series, complete with a hero, villain, and story line that could even impress Stan Lee! I love seeing his intricate comic illustrations and envy the patience and detail he dedicates to each scene. With the Pentel Pop pens, we were able to take a regular black backpack and turn it into the mobil hub for his comic world! His favorite feature? The ink dries so fast, even as a lefty theres no smudges or smears.

While he was hard at work developing the next mission for his comic book hero, I couldn’t help but think about all of the activities coming up next month between the three kids, my appointments, my husband’s schedule, and the renovations on our house. As the stress started to settle behind my eyes, I decided to channel my youth and grab some of my son’s Pentel Pens. With pastel, sparkle, and neon ink, I started to create a calendar that would give my brain injury a run for its money and would be super easy for me to follow without being overwhelmed! If your scheduled is overloaded like ours, Pentel Pens are the EASIEST way to organize your days.

Choose from Solar, Milky, and Sparkle Pentel Pens for you or your little comic creator to use.

  • Adds a “pop” of color to any page with vibrant neon colors
  • Smooth gel ink
  • Latex-free grip for comfortable writing and drawing

      ** BONUS** 0.6mm metal tip writes medium lines

  • Adds a “pop” of color to any page with milky pastel colors
  • Smooth gel ink writes on light or dark colored paper
  • Extra-long balanced barrel is the perfect fit for any hand

       ** BONUS** Writes on photo paper

  • Sparkling iridescent ink brings magic to every use
  • Ink color changes when writing on black or white paper
  • Perfect for cards, drawing, doodles, and other designs
  • Gives you a dazzling line every time

      ** BONUS** Writes on photo paper

To learn more about the projects you can create with Pentel Pop, follow them

Instagram: @PentelofAmerica
Pinterest: @PentelofAmerica


Whether you’re trying to organize your days or inspire creativity in your kids, Pentel Pop is there to help! 

*This post is sponsored by The Brand Connection/Pentel, all ideas and opinions are my own.


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