5 Healthy Traybakes for Easy Family Meals


It’s tempting after a long day to grab a frozen meal or takeout. If you’re stuck for time, these traybake ideas are a much healthier alternative to pre-packed meals, but won’t take you any longer to prepare. All you need is one large oven dish, and with the right recipe, you can cook your entire meal in one go. With minimum effort and cooking time, you have a delicious dinner for the whole family in one tray. Here are some examples of healthy recipes for your traybake meals and desserts.


Sumac-Roasted Chicken


This sumac-roasted chicken recipe is packed with flavor, low in calories and it’s also gluten-free. The flavor of sumac is so universally appealing it’s hard to go wrong and gives this dish an exotic twist on the standard roast chicken recipe. Sumac is often used in place of lemon in savoury cooking and can be simple sprinkled on over your other ingredients. 


This sumac-roasted chicken recipe is normally served with a light yoghurt dressing, which can be made fresh by whisking together a few ingredients in a bowl. You can do this while the chicken is roasting, and have everything ready to serve.



Aubergine and Lentil Bake


Aubergine and lentils make a hearty vegetarian option. This recipe also has a mouthwatering tomato and mozzarella sauce, making it incredibly moreish. You won’t believe it’s only 350 calories per serving. The lentils bulk out this dish so it’s actually very filling.


Fast Fish and Broccoli


This is another healthy option, but also very hearty and delicious. You can choose the fish, chunky white options like cod or monkfish work fine, or salmon as well. This fish traybake is very versatile, you can add whichever fish or even shrimp, and combine with your favorite veggies. 




Your family deserves a treat from time to time and besides, learning how to make brownies from scratch is much healthier than buying store-bought. They’re easy to make and perfect for a once a week chocolate fix. Homemade brownies are also great for parties and coffee mornings.


There are plenty of lighter options for brownie recipes as well. Some people use coconut oil or yoghurt as an alternative fat. Maybe you can invent your own variations. The classic chocolate fudge, however, will always be a family favorite. 


Healthy Carrot Cake Traybake


This healthy carrot cake recipe uses honey and banana as natural sweeteners, so it’s half the calories of a regular carrot cake. You can buy carrot decorations in the supermarket to add little final touches. Making it all in one tray means it’s also much more convenient. It’s easier to decorate, cut, and serve, and there’s only one thing to wash up afterward. Impress your friends and family without slaving away in the kitchen.


Traybakes are so easy and simple to prepare. They’re perfect for family mealtimes as they’re so easy to serve. Add traybakes to your weekly meal plan, save time and feed your family something delicious and healthy, with minimum effort.

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