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Vegas is known for its outrageous music concerts and shows. So it was only fitting that Lumia sent the #PoweredByLumia team to Vegas for CES 2015 to check out the latest and greatest that MixRadio was offering. MixRadio is the only app on the market that allows you to listen to music YOUR way!


If you’re a true music fan like me, your love for tunes reaches far beyond one genre and can encompass the hottest hits followed by the unknown underground artists. I have my typical music apps but I was never truly “connected” to one until now. MixRadio has quickly taken on the responsibility to be the best music app on the market! How are they doing this? Simple. They’re allowing the listeners’ love of music to take charge!


While at CES, we met two of the masterminds behind MixRadio and it was evident why my love for MixRadio has quickly turned into an addiction. The “Dean and Monte show” took us on a trip back to the inspiration and mission behind MixRadio all the way to the present partnership of MixRadio and Harman Kardon Omni speakers. Needless to say, my living room surround sound system is in dire need of an upgrade.


MixRadio promotes its seamless and effortless music enjoyment, which is precisely what you get as a consumer. My biggest challenge with other music apps is the limitations imposed on your playlists. Just because I love Dave Matthews, doesn’t mean I want to listen to anything by Pearl Jam. MixRadio allows you to seed multiple artists on your playlist and then guide the session with real-time track feedback, which means you can listen to all the Notorious BIG you can handle without having to endure any of 2Pac.



Our house is the music place. We always have the radio playing whether we’re cleaning, having a party, or just hanging out with the family. With the Harman Kardon Omni Speakers, we can have instant access to the 35 million tracks of MixRadio all with the tap of an app. Lets not forget the ability to have multi room speakers all connected to our personalized playlists. Listening to music has never been so easy!



My most favorite MixRadio feature? You can actually send someone your playlist! Welcome to the new age version of your personalized mix tape.

Some bonus features of MixRadio:

– Recently Played feature: View all of the recently played songs from the start of your session!
– Download song: Hear a song you need now? You can instantly download it!
– Recommendations: See other songs by the artist that you may also enjoy
– Play artist mix: switch from your mix to a specific art mix
– Biography: learn more about your favorite artist and band
– Twitter feed: See the live tweets! Don’t forget to follow your favs
– News: Is there currently a tour? Get realtime info to see where the gig is tonight in addition to the full calendar of upcoming performances! Select a date to see the location and even get directions! Is there a new album release? Be the first to know when you favorite an artist!


MixRadio definitely has something for everyone, now my problem is putting it down!

Check out the latest from MixRadio by following them on Twitter and Facebook!


What are the artists and songs on your personalized playlist?


*Disclosure- Microsoft Lumia sponsored our CES trip, but my love for MixRadio is pure. All opinions are my own!


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