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Kid Friendly Flying With KLM’s Bluey

My husband and I were always avid travelers. It required no effort to hop on a two hour flight and take a trip. Traveling with kids- three to be exact- is all together an entirely different experience. The biggest challenge is keeping little busybodies occupied and seated for an entire flight. As a mom, I now look for “kid friendly” features, like KLM’s Bluey.


It may seem obvious that with technology there are plenty of games and gadgets to focus little minds, but the truth of the matter is.. it’s all stagnant. Even though it’s a new surrounding, the same games, books, and movies that are available at home just aren’t intriguing enough to maintain their attention. Not to mention, bringing their books from the library at home isn’t exciting. My kids like things they can associate with traveling and more specifically- flying- like those bags of airline peanuts. I don’t know why, but their little faces light up when they spot the flight attendants starting their rounds and handing out those bags!

Kids can now get that quality kid friendly flying association through KLM with Bluey, the adorable little blue plane. Under his daddy’s wings, Bluey learns things about flying and mischievously explores the world. KLM developed several episodes of adventurous animation movies available via KLM’s Inflight Entertainment System and online.

See Bluey’s adventure in helping Rudolph for yourself!

I love Bluey’s confidence and determination and of course can appreciate his mom’s concern about him catching a cold! My boys thought it was awesome how Bluey solved the problems for the Rudolph plane and can’t wait for more Bluey adventures!

Catch all of Bluey’s adventures with KLM!


* Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for KLM, however all opinions are my own*

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