Hope for Cancer Patients to Live A Cancer Free Life

Cancer is an unbiased disease that affects so many regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, race, or even sexual orientation. It doesn’t care if you are a 13 year old student, 35 year old wife, 42 year old father of four, or 63 year old grandmother, it will ruthlessly attack with a vengeance. The customary protocol for a newly diagnosed cancer patient is to start with cancer fighting chemicals like chemotherapy, but many are left without options when the chemo doesn’t work. Cancer Free Living is helping to give hope for those cancer patients to live a cancer free life.

While there haven’t been many outlets for alternative cancer options, being a cancer survivor is no longer set aside for small populations of miracles, especially those facing late stage-3 or stage-4 cancer. Cancer victims can start their fight against cancer with education. Step one is becoming educated about things to do naturally to overcome cancer before rushing into taking highly toxic protocols such as chemotherapy. Cancer Free Living supports those diagnosed with cancer, as a resource for education and actionable advice on alternative treatment methods!

The creator of Cancer Free Living knows first hand what its like for your loved one to be labeled as a hopeless cancer patient, as his mom was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. Peggy Sue Roberts, was sent home to live her final days after learning she was allergic to the chemotherapy treatment. In her amazing stage-4 cancer survival story, she went from having two months to live to being a 10-year cancer survivor by using natural cancer treatments at a Mexican cancer clinic. Check out Peggy Sue’s incredible story here.

When someone you love has been a victim of cancer, its hard to watch Peggy Sue’s story without shedding some tears. Just in the past year, cancer has taken two family members, one from each side of our families. Nearly twenty years ago, cancer brought the biggest devastation to my life, when it took one of the closest people to me, my aunt. In those last moments when you are coming to terms with the inevitable, you bulk up on your prayers and look for anything that can reverse the nightmare. Cancer Free Living is there to help those cancer patients who feel like they are out of options.

If you or someone you love is in need of professional help, especially with your late stage-3 or stage-4 cancer, please contact Cancer Free Living by filling out the form on the bottom of this page. Plus, check out all of the information on Cancer Free Living, including things you can do after you’ve had chemotherapy and steps you can take to be proactive against cancer!


*I partnered with Cancer Free Living to provide this post. The statements made on CancerFreeLiving.com have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The content published by this website is intended for educational purposes only, it should not be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should always consult with a medical professional.

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  1. I am grateful that the chemotherapy and radiation treatments worked for me but am elated that there are more options other than the traditional treatments out there available for those who have exhausted there options or prefer a more holistic path to beat this horrendous disease. I know a few who did not survive and it is devistating to say the least. The word needs to get out that there are other options available even when the doctors tell you there’s nothing more they can do. Thank you Crissy for stepping up to be an advice to this very large community. I am a cancer survivor and proud to say I am!

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