3 Ways You’re Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Fitness Regimen

We’re all doing our best to lead a healthy lifestyle. We’re conscious of how much water we drink, how much sleep we’re getting, how much time we spend staring into screens and, of course, how much exercise we get. But as diligently as you may attend the gym, that may not necessarily mean that you’re getting the most out of your fitness regimen. Even those who train regularly can find themselves developing bad habits and unintentionally sabotaging themselves in ways that can see them drift off track


Health and fitness require honesty with yourself and a level of introspection. As such, you need to check yourself when you find yourself doing the following…


You’re allowing yourself to coast


We’ve all been there. You start a new workout regime. It’s hard. Punishingly hard. But you grit your teeth, you stick with it and you start to reap the rewards. The same workout starts to get easier. You feel less sore the day after. And as it gets easier and easier you stop pushing yourself quite as hard. Before you know it, you’re coasting through your workouts and, inevitably, you can expect the gains you receive to be less pronounced. 


You’re not warming up and cooling down


You’re busy and pressed for time. You need to get a quick session squeezed in between finishing work and starting to prep dinner. You don’t want to rush through your workouts. So, what do you do? You skip over potentially the most important stage- the warm up and the cool down. 


This can made you very vulnerable to injury of the muscles and joints. While a soothing hemp based cream from kayahempco.com might help to alleviate the inflammation, stiffness and soreness, it may still be days or even weeks until you’re back up to speed. Always make time for your warm up and cool down. 


Your diet is working against you, not for you


No matter how hard you’re working at the gym, it’s been proven time and again that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet! “What are you talking about?” I can hear you saying it now “I eat lots of protein!”. Stay our outrage just a moment. While protein is undoubtedly important for improved muscle recovery post-workout, your diet needs more than protein. It also needs complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals for you to get the most out of your exercises. And if your diet consists mostly of red meat, dairy and processed grains (i.e. white bread), you’re unlikely to get the nutrition that you need to achieve your goals, even if you’re getting lots of protein. Make sure you eat a diet that’s varied in colors and textures and contains lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses. These are the nutrient-dense foods that will get you back on track. 


You work hard to achieve your health and fitness goals. So don’t let a few bad habits and misconceptions derail you from achieving lasting health and fitness. 

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