Your Kids Will Love Froozer Products for Your Next Picnic

My family waits all year to enjoy the summer season in the NorthEast. Between beach trips and picnics, it seems like we can’t ever get enough of the summer fun!

With very active kids, we always have some type of activity or event to attend. Instead of bringing the same old snack or homemade picnic salad, we’ve been bringing our Froozer treats, and the kids are LOVING it!


We eat a LOT of fruit in the summer, but always look for something to cool down, especially on those super hot days. While I loved bringing watermelon to summer picnics, it was so cumbersome to lug around huge watermelon and an even bigger pain to cut up. Froozer’s convenient tube make it easy to grab on the go or pack in the cooler for the beach. My kids got ahold of Froozers and couldn’t get enough!

Froozer contains freshly harvested fruits picked at the peak of their ripeness. It’s flash-frozen, then blended for the best taste, nutrition, and digestion. Its unique texture is not only healthy, but fun to eat! Froozer is dairy free, gluten free, and GMO free making it the perfect treat to bring to your next picnic!

Available in a variety of 6 flavors: Mango Tango, Raspberry Blast, Strawbanana Bliss, Blueberry Burst, Orange Zinger, and Orchard Cherry Berry, you’re sure to find a favorite flavor. Plus, it has all of the features that make it the perfect treat to keep mom guilt-free like:

  • 100% all natural whole fruit
  • No preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • No juice added
  • No concentrate added

For more information about Froozer, follow them:

Whether you’re heading to the beach for the day or looking for the perfect treat to bring to your next picnic, Froozer has you covered!

*This post is sponsored by Froozer, all opinions are my own.


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