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Santa’s Stash: The Ultimate Holiday Munchie Guide

Step into the enchanting world of festive flavors with “Santa’s Stash: The Ultimate Holiday Munchie Guide!” This holiday season, we’re taking gift-giving to a whole new level by exploring the delicious realm of snacks, treats, and gourmet delights. Whether you’re shopping for the ultimate foodie, a munchie enthusiast, or anyone with a penchant for palate-pleasing surprises, this guide is your passport to culinary joy. From artisanal sweets that dance on your taste buds to savory bites that leave an indelible mark on holiday memories, Santa’s Stash is your go-to source for elevating the snack game and spreading gastronomic delight. Join us on this delectable journey as we unwrap the secrets to creating a holiday season filled with irresistible munchies and unforgettable moments.


Bake Me a Wish

Bake Me A Wish! offers a delicious variety of festive holiday bakery gifts to send nationwide. Celebrate the holiday season with a cake, gift basket or cookie delivery. Each gift will arrive with a greeting card where you can express your holiday well wishes!

Take the Blackout Chocolate Cake Challenge! This delicious chocolate creation includes layers of rich chocolate cake with fudge frosting in between topped with more chocolate crumbs and chocolate chips piled on top! A must-have for chocolate lovers everywhere and a favorite on the New York City scene. Includes a greeting card that you can personalize online and arrives packaged in an elegant gift box.



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Spread-mmms has a line of small-batch, artisanal olive tapenade & sassy savory spreads that are handcrafted in New York City.  They are a woman owned business that uses sustainable business practices.

Two flavors are available online, additional flavors available in local stores.

Olive Tapenade with Garlic & Rosemary;

Savory Orange Marmalade with Olives, Garlic & Thyme

These bold, brazen, adventurous flavors are perfect for cheese/charcuterie pairings & tons of fun to use in the kitchen.  Snag these spreads for the foodie on your list.  They are available in two sizes, including an adorable gift size for stocking stuffers.

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes is a culinary-themed t-shirt brand that the baker in your life will adore. We’re talking sprinkle oven mitts, oven coffee mugs, bakery-themed clothing, not your average cookie cutters, and more! And starting at $3 and up they make perfect gifts to repay your favorite baker for feeding you sweet treats this holiday season. The online bakery is open 24-7 at johnnycupcakes.com.


Pinch Dab Dash

Seeking a unique holiday gift for the food lover in your life? Look no further than Pinch Dab Dash’s gourmet spice blend collections, each gift box brimming with 4 meticulously curated spice blend jars, elegantly presented in a beautiful package. This is a perfect gift for both the food aficionado and those just beginning their culinary journey.

These spice blends not only make an exquisite gift but are also a surefire way to enhance the flavors at your holiday party. Let your loved ones dive deep into a world of culinary delight, one pinch at a time!

Peppermate Pepper Mill

The PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill is made of the finest materials and assembled with precision and care to provide years of trouble-free dependable use. The ceramic pepper mill is adjustable to any size, fine to coarse. Grinds any dried spice or millable ingredient up to the size of a coffee bean. The removable clear bottom cup underneath the pepper grinder conveniently catches fresh pepper grinds.


Promos BOGO

Each month receive a unique 2 oz. spice blend, made in small batches in the USA ($15 value) and a seasonally-appropriate recipe developed to highlight each blend.

Fames Chocolates

10% Coupon HOLIDAY10

Discover the dairy-free chocolate that connoisseurs from all over the world are raving about, claiming it tastes better than milk chocolate. Kosher Chocolate Handcrafted in small batches with love, these Brooklyn chocolates are the perfect gift for those who deserve a touch of luxury. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with these unique chocolates.

Don’t miss out on an exclusive 10% off for anything and everything from Fames Chocolates with the code HOLIDAY10.

There’s something different about Fames Chocolates

Tasty Good Toffee

Treat the baker in your life to something sweet while they kick up their feet. Tasty Good Toffee brings classic and surprising flavor combinations atop decadently rich butter crunch toffee. This is the perfect gift-giving set that includes three, one-half-pound bags of buttery, rich and chocolaty Tasty Good Toffee. It’s all handmade in small batches in Lincoln, Nebraska with the founder’s Grandma B’s famous recipe. Tasty Good Toffee starts with the base of sweet and delectable butter crunch toffee, and then finished with premium toppings. Sold online for $45 this classic set includes one of each flavor: Milk Chocolate Pecan Toffee, White Chocolate Pecan Toffee, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee.

Vine to Bar

Any $50 and up bundle will get 15 % off and for the first purchase /also get 20 % off any wine at https://www.yourwinestore.com

Vine to Bar is not just any luxury chocolate.   It’s good for the earth and your health. And who doesn’t love wine and chocolate? It makes for a great hostess gift or anytime gift.

Good friends for decades, Peggy Furth, founder of Chalk Hill Vineyards and Winery and Barbara Banke, chairperson and proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, each already had a full slate of business responsibilities, philanthropic work and other endeavors. Making chocolate was never on their “to do” lists. That changed in 2009 when Banke, as part of a winery-wide effort to bring sustainability to the heart of the business, began a search for a productive use for her company’s pomace.

Every Vine to Bar chocolate upcycles the WellVine™️ Chardonnay Marc into delicious, earth-friendly dark chocolate. This new line uses a novel ingredient — upcycled pressed chardonnay grapes and it’s made from dried and milled grape skins, seeds, and pulp that would typically be discarded after winemaking. But a unique process transforms the residue into a nutrient-dense ingredient that also adds a fruity taste to the chocolate. By using the whole grape, the company is making a difference to our planet, since less needs to be reabsorbed by the land. What was once an underutilized co-product is now a superfood that makes Vine to Bar chocolate euphorically delicious.

Green Bee Tea Towels

Green Bee Tea towels are made from 100% organic cotton, are printed with non-toxic inks, and reusable making them a great sustainable option for gifting. What started as an experiment with screen printing on tea towels in 2015 has now turned into a thriving business that handprints 50-100,000 tea towels a year out of Kansas City, MO. Green Bee Tea Towels are sold in over 500 retail stores across the U.S., including all 50 states and online for just under $12 each.



Lifevine is an incredible line of ZERO SUGAR amazing tasting wines! There are over 60 FDA-approved wine additives for winemaking, and wine brands are NOT required to put ingredients on their label. Lifevine is one of the first wines to list both serving facts and ingredients on the bottle. They believe in providing you the transparency you deserve so that you can make the best choices about what you put in your body. Beyond zero sugar, Lifevine goes above and beyond traditional winemaking to ensure their wine is free of harmful toxins and pesticides, without compromising quality or flavor. Varieties include Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and more. Lifevine is lab tested for purity, certified pesticide free and committed to label transparency. And it tastes AMAZING!



Don’t let your champagne (or sparkling wine) go to waste at the next summer gathering! The chrome-plated stainless steel body and hinge construction make Kloveo the most durable sparkling wine stopper on the market. Kloveo also makes champagne glasses, a must-have for your dinner. Available at Amazon.


Drinky Mixy Entertain

Holiday Craft Cocktails (or Mocktails) The Easy Way-Drink Mixy!

Don’t spend time behind the bar mixing drinks, when you could be mixing with your guests! Drink Mixy has released their holiday craft drink mixes: Joy-joyfully berry yummy, Red Sangria-fruit and spice and Peppermint Mocha-minty-dark and sweet. Serve mixology-type drinks, without the fuss! Drink Mixy’s jars of dehydrated pre-mixed flavors mean you don’t have to hire or be the mixologist at your next party! Their regular flavors are available all year round. Add 12 ounces of the spirit to the jar, let it infuse, and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Shake, strain and serve! Each jar makes eight 1.5 oz servings, and once infused can be used a second time for 16 servings! Substitute with a non-alcohol alternative and have a mock-tail GORGEOUS Gift Packs Are Available!


American Licorice Company™: Red Vines®

Red Vines ® is an iconic candy brand established in the 1950s, and has since become an essential part of celebrating life’s sweetest moments.

Flavors include: Original Red, Black, Grape, Strawberry Sugar Free, Black Licorice Sugar Free, and more.
Available as Twists, Bites, and Ropes, and sold in 5oz Trays, 5oz/8oz/16oz Bags, 3.5lb Jars
Low fat, low sodium, and Kosher certified candy.
The “Peace, Love, & Vines” campaign encourages acts of kindness through the sharing of personal stories, triumphs and good deeds.


American Licorice Company™: Sour Punch®

Sour Punch® brand emerged onto the scene in 1990 as a sweet chewy candy straw with a burst of sour flavor. They’re perfect for when you want a treat with “a whole lotta punch”.

Sour Punch® varieties come in: Straws, Twists, Bites, and Shapes, sold in trays, stand-up bags, and jars.
Flavors include: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Rainbow, and more.
Bites flavors include: Sweet, Spicy, Ragin’ Reds, Tropical Blends, Strawberry, Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry, and more.
Low fat, low sodium, and Kosher certified candy
The brand purpose “Embrace Your Punch,” spreads a message of appreciating the differences in others with the goal of encouraging mutual respect and spreading kindness.


Enjoy fruits and vegetables even longer than before with the Bluapple® produce saver! The iconic Bluapple® can be used in a refrigerator’s bin or fruit bowl to help extend produce shelf-life. Keep fruits and vegetables crisp, firm, and fresh up to 2 to 3 times longer! Using commercial shipping technology that has been in place for decades, each Bluapple® has a 9 g active ingredient packet that absorbs the ethylene gas (ethylene gas not only ripens produce, but once released, also starts the decomposing process). A longer shelf-life of these nutrient-rich fruits and veggies means that you can reduce waste and frequent trips to the store! Purchase the OneYear Refill Kit and continue to use Bluapple® throughout the year, as each packet lasts up to three months. Bluapple®’s mission is to create less waste. All of their products are designed to be reusable, while reducing produce waste! The company provides a detailed sheet with suggested methods for keeping produce fresh longer. Links below to Bluapple®’s other reusable produce-saving products.


Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

Crafted with the finest ingredients, these sauces are not just about taste but the joy of sharing a delicious, guilt-free moment with loved ones. Get ready to savor the sizzle, and let’s make this National Waffle Day a true feast to remember!

Zero-Sugar Salted Caramel Sauce | Skinny Syrups ($7.99): Drizzle this velvety goodness over your warm waffles for a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Whether indulging in a classic waffle stack or experimenting with unique toppings, the Salted Caramel Sauce adds a touch of decadence that will make your waffles extraordinary. Let this sauce be your secret weapon as you create waffle masterpieces that redefine taste and celebration.

Zero-Sugar Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce | Skinny Syrups ($7.99): A waffle lover’s dream comes true in a bottle! Infuse your National Waffle Day festivities with the indulgence of rich dark chocolate and the bold kick of espresso. This sauce is designed to take your waffles to new heights, turning each bite into a luxurious experience. Drizzle generously over your freshly made waffles for an exquisite blend of flavors that awakens your senses. Your waffles will never be the same again!

Zero-Sugar Maple Bourbon Pecan Syrup – Skinny Mixes ($7.99): Crafted to elevate your waffle experience, this syrup marries the classic charm of maple with the warmth of bourbon and the nutty delight of pecans. Transform your waffle stack into a symphony of flavors transporting you to cozy fireside gatherings. Whether by drizzling over your stack or mixing into that irresistible waffle batter, get ready to make your waffles the stars of the show!

RDCL Superfoods

RDCL Superfoods (pronounced “radical”) is a plant-based new healthy, vitamin-packed line of beverages giving ordinary drinks new “superpowers” with all plant-based ingredients and zero added sugar, all while making them healthier, tastier, more ethical and sustainable! Super Cocoa is a powder that can be mixed into hot or cold water (think hot cocoa and chocolate milk) or thrown in the blender with your favorite milk option to make a delicious smoothie. Its rich chocolate-y taste (courtesy of two kinds of premium cacao) is front and center, but it also contains “stealth” ingredients like pea protein, ancient grains and seeds, and greens.


Confetti Snacks is a new line of veggie chips that ditch the deep fryer but deliver nutrients, crunch, color and flavor galore by upcycling “ugly vegetables.” These chips are minimally processed and never deep-fried, like other veggie chips and extruded “puff” style snacks. Because they are baked using a low heat method, the nutrients – and the beautiful colors of the carrots, radishes, purple sweet potatoes and mushrooms in the mix – remain vibrant. But it’s not just about delivering health dividends and looking good. Confetti Snacks are infused with authentic spices and flavors. Veggie chip flavors include Green Curry, Tandoori Curry, Teriyaki BBQ and Summer Truffle. Mushroom chip flavors include Green Curry, Tandoori Curry and Black Truffle.

Cheese Bits

Cheese Bits is a renowned name in the world of artisanal cheeses, celebrated for its commitment to crafting exceptional dairy creations that tantalize taste buds and ignite culinary imagination. With a portfolio of innovative flavors and an unwavering dedication to quality, Cheese Bits continues to captivate cheese lovers and industry experts alike.

Big Bites: Wholesome, Comforting Recipes That Are Big on Flavor, Nourishment, and Fun

by Kat Ashmore on sale January 23, 2024, Rodale Books, $35

Home cooks looking for healthy but comforting and abundant recipes.

From the creator of Kat Can Cook comes 110 simple, nourishing, mostly gluten-free recipes that are big on flavor and reimagine the concept of “healthy food.”
Kat Ashmore’s mission is to empower hungry readers everywhere to feed themselves and their loved ones well and have fun doing it. Rather than focusing on restriction or deprivation, she asks: What can we add to our plates? After she turned to TikTok for a creative outlet, her series of big, meal-in-a-bowl salads, known affectionately as “Hungry Lady Salads,” went viral on social media, and she found a like-minded community of home cooks who wanted to fall in love with cooking again.
In Ashmore’s debut cookbook, she shares 110 wholesome, comforting mostly gluten-free recipes that are full of flavor, nourishment, and fun—and meant to be devoured in big bites! With her signature personality and joy, this cookbook is a celebration of nature and seasonality and encourages home cooks to rethink familiar ingredients. From Hungry Lady Salads and weeknight dinners to snacks and desserts, Big Bites shares recipes for

Breakfasts: Avocado Toast with Hot Honey; Goat Cheese Fried Eggs

Snacks: Burrata with Roasted Grapes; 5-Minute Tzatziki

Hungry Lady Salads: Shaved Caesar Salad with Fennel and Crispy Chickpeas; Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Sesame Date Dressing

Weeknights: Honey Mustard Roasted Salmon; One-Pot Pasta with Chicken Sausage + Broccoli

Sunday Suppers: The Ultimate Beef Meatloaf with Caramelized Onions and Horseradish; Crispy Cod Cakes with Tartar Sauce

Veggies + Sides: Salt and Vinegar Smashed Potatoes; Parmesan Roasted Zucchini

Desserts: Orange Ricotta Company Cake; Extra Fudgy Avocado Brownies

Secret Weapons: Quick Pickled Red Onions; Any-Green Sauce

About the Author:  Kat Ashmore is the chef, recipe developer, and digital creator behind Kat Can Cook. She graduated from the award-winning Institute of Culinary Education in New York and went on to work for Martha Stewart, developing retail recipes and producing cooking segments on the eight-time Emmy Award-winning The Martha Stewart Show. Kat lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with her husband, Michael, and their family.


Food & Drink: Modernist Cuisine Photography (Hardcover – April 25, 2023, $99, The Cooking Lab) By Nathan Myhrvold

Take a deep dive into Modernist Cuisine founder and photographer Nathan Myhrvold’s ever-evolving fascination with food in his new book Food & Drink: Modernist Cuisine Photography. This beautiful photo book features over 200 vibrant images showcasing food in new and surprising ways. Myhrvold uses cutting-edge photography techniques that combine custom-built cameras and robotics with creativity, endless curiosity, and the willingness to get drenched with wine on occasion. The results are blueberries shot to appear like boulders, condiments exploding out of cannons, and wine catapulted to create the perfect splash. This collection of Myhrvold’s images is organized into thematic sections focused on core elements of his food photography and comes packaged in a new shelf-friendly trim size with a slipcase. Over 20 full-spread panoramic images measuring 27” x 10.315” display high-quality printing. From an aerial shot of the gentle carved shapes in a wheat field after harvest to the magnified view of the colorful corona of a tomato seed, Food & Drink features imagery not found in Myhrvold’s previous photography book. This gorgeous coffee table book captures stunning details of the foods and drinks we love from a fresh, playful perspective.


Nathan photography incorporates his love of food, science, technology, and invention. He uses cutting-edge photography techniques that combine custom-built cameras and robotics with creativity and endless curiosity to photograph subjects from new perspectives.

Photography is one of his many lifelong passions. He purchased his first camera at age 11. Three years later he converted a bathroom at home into a darkroom.

Nathan is wildly inspired by the hidden beauty of food and scientific phenomena as well as nature and wildlife. Since this would be a larger profile, we can tie in the snowflake, weather, landscape, and astrophotography images series that he’s shot for the gallery.

He goes to great lengths to get the perfect shot. He travels to remote locations (he has an offroad vehicle that he’s used to get to spots that have limited access), chases storms, catches snowflakes, and scours farmers markets for photogenic tomatoes. This requires a tremendous amount of planning and research to make sure he builds the right equipment and is in the right place at the right time.

Why food photography has been embraced, but is rarely seen as “Art” with a capitol A


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