Enjoy Octonauts: Above & Beyond at Your Next Movie Family Night

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Our family are huge fans of Octonauts. Since our oldest was a toddler, we looked forward to the adventures of Captain Barnacles and his team. We were super excited to hear our favorite explorers were back with more rescue missions. In honor of the Octonauts bringing their adventures beyond the sea and onto land, we made a family movie night event with a screening party for Episode one of Octonauts: Above & Beyond! 

Family movie nights are a big night in our house each week. We watch either a movie or a television show, have some snacks, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy our time together. This week’s family movie night we decided to celebrate the Octonauts with some special snacks that represented their adventures on land and sea, Peanut Butter and Honey Explorer Pies and Kelp Cakes.

Tips to make your next Family Movie Night Spectacular


  • Set a time: Whether you put the reminder in your calendar or turn on an alarm, have a set time for Family Movie Night to start! It not only brings everyone together at once, but it builds up anticipation and excitement!
  • Pick a Movie or Show: Family Movie Night doesn’t necessarily need to be a movie, it can be a television show, just make sure it is something all members of the family can enjoy. If there are a few different suggestions, take a vote, or draw out of a hat.
  • Snacks: Every family night needs the necessary snacks for those growing bodies. Opt for snacks that can be made together with your kids. Keeping the snacks in line with the theme of your family night makes it even better! We chose Peanut Butter and Honey Explorer Pies to represent the Octonauts’ adventures on land and Kelp Cakes for their adventures at sea!

  • Have fun! This is a time to completely unplug and enjoy the moment with your family. Ask them questions about the activity you are doing, hear their predictions about what will happen in the next episode of the tv show. You’re not only creating memories that (hopefully) your kids will look back and remember, but also setting the stage for how valuable your time is with them!

Before we started Octonauts Above & Beyond:  Octonauts and the Skeleton Coast, I surprised my kids with special color pages of an unfamiliar character, Paani. It was hilarious to listen to their predictions about the character and the role Paani would have with the Octonauts.

Peanut Butter and Honey Explorer Pies
Peanut Butter
Honey Wheat bread
Tree Shaped Cookie Cutter


Kelp Cakes (Guacamole)

Ripe Avocados (peeled, pitted, and mashed)
Spanish Onion
Lime juice
Garlic powder
Salt & Pepper
Diced tomatoes 

Scoop mixture onto corn chips and top with diced tomatoes

From the moment those distinct sirens go off, we know we are in store for an exciting and educational adventure. We all loved the familiar theme music and my kids immediately noticed new friends and adventures in the opening credits. The first episode of Octonauts: Above & Beyond did a great job at introducing the land adventures with a shipwreck on the coast, you can watch the whole series on Netflix here

We met a new character, Panni, who is trying to help creatures on land. Peso proves his expertise goes far beyond the sea when rescuing the lost baby elephant. The kids loved how he used part of his sea equipment on land to keep his face safe from the sand storm! It will be interesting to see what other aspects of the sea can also be used for their land adventures!

All three of my kids loved learning about sea creatures and their environments, while my husband and I loved how the show incorporated real science into each episode of the original Octonauts series. We all are anxious to see how this new installment will unfold a whole new world of creatures and environments on land! By partnering with Octonauts from sea and land, the possibilities of learning different environments and living creatures are endless!

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