Family Fun At Chuck E. Cheese

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Family fun activities are critical when you have kids who are constantly on the go. My boys loves to play games, interact with one another, and be typical … boys. While its always fun to do big lavish events, sometimes we want to enjoy a day as a family that won’t break the bank. A place like Chuck E. Cheese’s is the perfect location for a great day visit where my husband and I can have fun WITH the boys.
I could remember visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s when I was a kid. My little sister had her third birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s and we spent what felt like hours playing games. After our game time was up, we ate our pizza, watched the show and then had cake. It was so much fun, that I begged my parents to have MY next birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s- which they did. SO I celebrated turning 8, with all my friends, playing games and winning prizes. It was perfect.
As a kid, I always thought of Chuck E. Cheese’s as a place you only visit for a birthday party. Little did I know, Chuck E. Cheese’s would quickly become the go to place for a day of family fun! My boys loves the variety of games available at Chuck E. Cheese’s. From skee ball to games you can ride on- there is always something for everyone, which means my husband and I can have some fun too! The reasonable prices mean we can celebrate something big- like a birthday- or something not as big- like a great week at school!
Chuck E. Cheese’s has a brand new menu to satisfy kid and adult tastes alike. While Chuck E. Cheese’s is known for their pizza varieties, rest assured knowing you can opt for wings, wraps, or salads instead! That means you can enjoy a guilt free lunch and visit the garden fresh salad bar. If pizza is more your style, grab something like the new Cali Alfredo pizza. Plus enjoy tasty treats like churros, apple pizza, or cinnamon bread sticks. Check out all the new menu selections here.
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CEC_media_redhotticketsjump I have so many fun memories as a kid going to Chuck E. Cheese’s for celebrations. My husband and I are continuing the same tradition with my boys- only the games are a little different from when I was growing up!

What is your favorite memory of Chuck E. Cheese’s?

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