Toddlers Love To Cook, The Chef Is In

Pizz KitchenToddlers love to help mom or dad cook. If you think about it from their eyes, they see you dropping all kinds of stuff in bowls, mixing it together, and pouring it somewhere else. If you’re using any kind of powder substance like flour or sugar, it probably reminds them of sand. Cracking an egg and seeing the goo drop must be exciting.

To some, cooking is a chore but to a toddler it’s one of the greatest games ever! Plus, what toddler doesn’t want to be like mommy and daddy. They see you doing this ritual everyday and they want a part of it.

Our prince is all boy, he loves cars, trains, animals, dirt, and loves to jump and flip. We decided with his love for cooking, we should look at the play kitchens. It seemed like most of the choices were very girlie and pink. Then we found the Little Tikes Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen. This kitchen was perfect. Not only was it not frilly but we’re Italian and happen to get pizza at least once a week so this boy knows a pizza.

Pizza Oven Kitchen

We gave it to him and he’s been making us pizza, coffee, and all kinds of concoctions. I love hearing the pouring sounds he makes when pouring ingredients into the pans or bowls. This kitchen comes complete with an ice maker in the frig, a microwave, dishwasher, cupboard doors, and more. The pizza oven really glows and the grill makes fun cooking sounds. There’s plenty of storage to keep things neat and tidy, although we bought more play food so we needed to add a basket.

Pizza Oven Kitchen2

This makes the perfect gift for any toddler!

What play pieces do your kids/grandchildren have?



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