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This post was sponsored by vorvidaas part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t done overnight. You encounter challenges and victories that takeyour progress through peaks and valleys. Whilemy personal healthy lifestyle journey took a slight detour during the pandemic, I’ve since gotten back on track with the help of resources like vorvida®!

A major part of living a healthy lifestyle is being aware of the food and liquid we put in our body. It’s no surprise that alcohol plays a major role in disrupting our health and wellness journey. While many were quick to grab a glass of wine or bottle of their favorite ale during lockdown, now that the majority of us are out of quarantine and back to wearing pants (hopefully), it’s time to become more aware of our adult beverage consumption.

For the past month, I’ve been using vorvida’s interactive online platform and learned some pretty interesting things about my behavior around alcohol. vorvida® is powered by AI-technology which personalizes the experience for every user. You are asked a series of questions, provided short stories and examples, then select an answer that fits you best. I was curious if the exercises would truly be tailored to me, and MY personal behaviors, and was floored when it was! There were no instances when I was playing the guessing game to find an appropriate response!


Some of my favorite features:

  • Daily alcohol checks: this not only holds you accountable, but really forces you to be aware of your drinking habits on a daily basis
  • Weekly alcohol checks: this provides a bigger picture perspective. You can reflect on any potential triggers and see how those correlate to your drinking habits
  • Daily mood checks: another great way to see how your mood may be affecting your behaviors and decisions when it comes to drinking

If you are ready to rethink how you drink, learn more about vorvida® on their:




Whether you are at home or on-the-go, vorvida® offers a web-based program that provides you 24/7 access. vorvida® helps you establish goals, then uses clinically proven psychology tools and techniques that allow you to be more mindful of your drinking habits. After using vorvida®, I was able to identify triggers for my specific habits and create healthier decisions to break those negative behaviors! I’m taking hold of my healthy lifestyle thanks to vorvida®!

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