The Magic Mixie Crystal Ball is the Must Have Gift!

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My sweet girl and I brought living our best lives to the next level attending the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball event in the city last weekend. We were introduced to Moose Toys’ brand new product, featuring a fortune telling Magic Mixie enclosed inside a crystal ball, which is sure to be the next MUST HAVE on every kid’s holiday list!

We were infused with enchantment the moment we stepped into the event and eagerly waited to watch the magic of the crystal ball unfold in front of our eyes! The magic wand has always been an important aspect to the Magic Mixies, but we learned that the wand MOVEMENT was a critical element to the Crystal Ball magic. This particular Magic Mixie was a cumulative effort of the event guests which elevated our excitement to get home and create our very own fortune telling Mixie! We finished the event creating our own magic wands, and carefully transported them home in case we needed magic wand backup! 

I’m not sure who was more excited to bring our Magical Crystal Ball to life, my daughter or me. Let’s be honest, toys like this never existed when I was a kid! The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball was brought to the market by Moose Toys, the same company who took the toy market by storm in 2014 with the induction of Shopkins! This family-run business has innovation in its DNA and I always look forward to learning about their new ventures like creating content, entertainment, and making worldwide licensing deals. Each one is an opportunity for me to tap into my inner child and sharing the experiences with my kids! 

Playing with our Magic Mixie Crystal Ball was a huge event at home. We scheduled the date in the calendar and had an entire countdown. I made sure to thoroughly read the directions before we started. It’s not a difficult process, but I wanted to make sure we soaked up every ounce of magic that was available! I suggest reading everything before you have your little one come over to start. Once my girl was ready, there was no pausing!

All of the directions are easily laid out, but pro tip, make sure your magic wand is turned ON and become familiar with the location of the Mixie button and Spell button. Before we started anything with the Crystal Ball, we did a few practice wand movements. Once those were mastered, we were ready to start!

This magic wand was unlike any other (including the custom wands we created at the event). It awoke the crystal ball, gives the magical mist its power, and creates your Mixie by giving it color, voice and teaches it how to tell fortunes! Use it along with the magic words, “MAGICUS MIXUS” and suddenly your Magic Mixie appears! The gem on your Mixie’s forehead will light up when it’s revealed from the crystal ball. 

There is so much more magic to discover after creating your Mixie. Select from four different modes: fortune telling mode, spell mode, game mode, and tickling. You can feel the continued power of your magic wand for the spell and game mode. The Crystal Ball brings its own element of magic in Night-Light mode. During this mode, the ball will fill up with mist every few minutes and best of all, YOU control the color of the light by waiving your magic wand!

If you are looking for the perfect magical moment with your little one, check out the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball. We’re so excited to continue our Magic Mixie fun! 

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