The best of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him, Kids, and Fur Babies

Make their Valentine’s Day one to remember. We’ve compiled the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone on your list from him and the kids to your fur babies!



Why not spin time upside down and around with this all-black timepiece from Seizmont.

Read the time by looking at the stationary arrow and the numbers behind it. Not your traditional way to tell the time… but this watch wasn’t created for the average guy. It was made for you.

Designed in Denmark. Constructed with durable metal. Stays securely around your wrist with a hard-wearing closure. Operates with Japanese quartz movement.

Please note that the instruction manual is available in English only.


Stainless steel backside

Stainless steel strap

Zinc alloy case


Male underwear praised on Amazon as the “most comfortable underwear ever” with thousands of 5-star reviews — the perfect gift any man will love for Valentines.


Baseball BBQ


Code SWEETHEART25 gives 25% off for the month of February

Be Ready for Opening Day

Baseball BBQ started one summer day when a broken grill-fork and a cracked bat came together to make the perfect grilling tool. That moment gave rise to an idea and fused together two of our lifelong passions into one common goal – to share the love of the game and the grill. We’ve played baseball all our lives, we live and breathe the action, the camaraderie of the game, and the moments of tradition.  Whether it’s still trying to capture our former glory on the diamond or touring ballparks around the country, baseball is in our heart and soul.Off the field, we come together around the grill, the staple of the American backyard for all seasons. Steeped in the same camaraderie and tradition as baseball, the barbeque is the gathering of friends and family to share stories, laughter and great food. What ignited that moment has been part of our lives all along. Baseball BBQ brings those two great pastimes together, building tools for fans of the game and the grill. Our mission is to bring the big-league feel to every barbecue so that you too can share your love of both.

Baby Foot Peel For Men 

The perfect gift for an at-home care kit. When we think of self care we think of hair masks, mental health days, spa days, and just pampering ourselves. But the one thing that gets overlooked is our feet. Feet deserve to be taken care of too!

The Original Foot Peel will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft, like a baby’s foot, after only one-hour. 16 natural extracts and oils are used in the making of Baby Foot to create that needed luxury, at-home spa experience. The addition of alicyclic acid effectively exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, softening your feet and reducing peeling over the preceding weeks.


Woodstone Wooden Watches 

In our day in age, technology is booming, and we often forget that time is precious. Woodstone handcrafted watches are here to be that constant reminder on your wrist to remain present in time and nature. 

Handcrafted and made entirely from sustainable materials, the watches offer a unique pattern, ensuring that each and every product is one of a kind. The timeless pieces are crafted with swiss-made movements and add a stylish touch to your outfit on any occasion. 

Woodstone values sustainability and designs ethical products to benefit the environment and humanity. With those values in mind, Woodstone has partnered with Trees for the Future, providing hands-on agroforestry training and resources to underprivileged farming communities. Woodstone has pledged to donate a tree in the customer’s name with every watch purchase. The company is determined to grow to make a substantial impact on the environment and the lives of others.  To this day, we have planted over 46,000 fruit trees, providing sustainable income to people in developing countries. Woodstone has developed other accessories and plans to launch other products, such as bracelets, necklaces, keychains, etc., in the near future.

Trophy Smack 

The Ultimate Source for Fantasy Football Trophies and Official Championship Belt Provider for the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl 2021 and 2022.

TrophySmack began as a garage startup in 2018 founded by Matt Walsh and Dax Holt, serving the Fantasy Sports market. It has quickly scaled its offering of custom awards and related products for corporations, team sports, event commemoration, and unique gift items for all occasions. 

With TrophySmack’s rapid growth, the duo was able to check off an entrepreneurial dream of entering the waters of ABC’s “Shark Tank”! After successfully securing a deal with billionaire investor Mark Cuban, TrophySmack was well-positioned to disrupt further and innovate the Trophy and Awards Industry, which hadn’t seen changes like this in decades.

Fantasy Football prizes aren’t the only thing TrophySmack can do, not only can we accommodate all sports and prizes we make awards for any occasion. Whether it be beating cancer or being the best boss ever with all our products being 100% customizable you’re sure to have something to fit the event you’re planning for. 

18.21 Man Made Grooming Gift Sets

Men are hard to buy for but these grooming bundles based upon the brand’s signature scents can make it simple and elevated. Price range: $52-56

Stryke Club- Stryke Stick 

Give the boys in your life the gift of clear acne-free skin with this fast-acting spot treatment!  Also available at Target, Walmart, UrbanOutfitters.com. Price: $21.99


On The Go


Orca and Stainless colorways 28% off. No code required. Free shipping over $40.00

The FLPSDE Water Bottle with Snack Storage does more for you so you can #DoMore. Our patented 2-in-1 water bottle keeps your drinks cold and your snacks fresh. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need in one place with FLPSDE

 Basically the coolest bottle ever.

Vidl Life

Build your own bottle in just 3 steps! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Users Can Send a Message on a Bottle With vīdl, Reminding Loved Ones They Are VITAL to Them and to This World 

A message on a vīdl water bottle is a daily reminder to loved ones that they are Vital essential, important, and treasured  

St. Lous, MO: The visionaries behind the vīdl water bottle wanted to find a way to leave this world a better place for their children and a mission to model gratitude, openness, and kindness in their own lives.  Knowing water is a vital function of life, these three dads developed a water bottle with a message in mind, “You Are Vital!—a  message designed to reconnect people and start a movement of encouraging communities to live a vīdl life – a life of moments, conversations, and impact.

In addition, a portion of every sale goes to support Thirsty Child, a  non-profit with a mission of  providing clean, safe drinking water to families, and reminding them they are vital too.

Thoughtfully designed, with an emphasis on personalization, the vīdl water bottle raises up an everyday product by adding a message of your choice to a top-of-the-line product for daily use. 

Key Design Elements Include:

  •     Storage base to hold a special message or anything that may be vital to you
  •     4 different bottle colors
  •     14 interchangeable storage base colors
  •     56 possible color combinations
  •     3 lid types with easy-to-grip ergonomic handles
  •     Unique personalization (up to 30 characters)
  •     24 vital messages or inspirational verses to choose from 

“Sure, the world might not need another water bottle, but the world certainly needs some positivity and to celebrate others who are vital—vital to you, to society, and to the world,” says vīdl CEO, Rick Fessler.  “When we lead a vīdl life, we believe the world will be better.  vīdl was created with this in mind while ensuring we maintained a best-in-class product that stands up, if not excels, in this category.”

Ricardo Beverly Hills 

The new Essentials 5.0 packing collection feature an innovative permanent technology that keeps the material fresh smelling and clean with a natural silver salt antimicrobial treatment. EPA and FDA-approved, it is infused into the fabric during the weaving and molding process.

The packing organizers, a few with see-through mesh lids, offer maximum organization and functionality.

Swapi Top 

 The only water bottle you’ll ever need for everyday essentials. 

Buy 2 Get Free Shipping

Whether on the go or at home, having a bottle with interchangeable lids can make your life much easier. Being active is a beautiful way to live your life. If organization is your thing don’t be ashamed of it! You need a product that will help you achieve greatness. This is where our bottle, Swapi Top, comes into play. Designed for your upbeat lifestyle, with interchangeable lids, double insulated walls (drinks stay hot for 12 hours and cold for a full 24), a storage compartment ON TOP of the bottle, and Damage resistance, you can be both Hydrated and Organized. 


Angry Octopus 

The Grumpy Octopus represents a part in all of us. We all have moments where we want to be left alone. This is a normal part of being human, and the Grumpy Octopus celebrates this often overlooked side of human emotion. The Grumpy Octopus brings humor and joy to all those who adopt him. His perpetual angry state is intended to bring a smile to even the angriest amongst us. We want to provide happiness and fun to folks who are having a bad day. Our toys are fluffy creatures made of the softest materials that give the softest hugs. 

Kyte Baby 

Kyte Baby’s lounge robe is mommy’s new favorite addition to the morning routine! Award-winning, celebrity-loved, sleep bags, adult and baby apparel! Unlike other apparel, Kyte BABY has the softest baby and adult pajamas that are economically sourced out of bamboo! Bamboo is three degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic. The fabric itself also promotes the smart use of resources and sustainability. Bamboo is the best choice for your family and for the planet’s future, and this way of thinking is evident in every aspect of Kyte BABY! The founder’s daughter suffered from infant eczema and she needed comfortable clothing for her at night time for her sensitive, itchy skin, bamboo’s buttery soft fabric was the best answer for her baby girl! She invested in and created Kyte BABY for all babies, mommies, and even jammies for daddy too! 


Rated #1 in photo books and best in value, Mixbooks fun, easy-to-use design editor makes you look like a creative genius, giving you the tools to create the perfectly personalized gift at nearly any price. From casual, affordable softcover books for favorite dates, or classic hardcover books for trips and anniversaries, to ultra-premium lay flat styles for your wedding- there’s a style for your love story. 

Even better, Mixbook offers the largest selection of templates to choose from, including exclusive designs from  Martha Stewart, Hallmark and Oh Joy! Explore different formats and layouts to make this a Valentine’s to remember. 

So cue the heart eyes and visit mixbook.com or download the Mixbook mobile app to say hello to swoon-worthy, one-of-a-kind V-Day gifts for your special someone!


Keke (which stands for “keep every kid engaged”) offers a modular grab-and-go bag with pouches full of educational and fun activities, and room for other essentials.

Each pouch addresses an emerging skill for kids ages 3-6: social/emotional, fine motor, pre-academics, and creative. Plus, the (optional) subscription service lets you swap out pouches every three months so it always feels new and exciting. Bag with four pouches, $64.99; subscription, $39.99 every three months.


​​We believe that happy families are key to a better society and the foundation of a happy life. The greatest work anyone will ever do will be within the walls of his or her own home. And we don’t mean vacuuming! We recognize that every family looks different and passionately believe in helping all families find greater joy, whatever their situation. To that end, we publish beautiful books that help families live our 10 Habits of Happy Family Life. Further, Familius does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation in any of its activities or operations. The perfect I-love-you books for every reader, from toddler to mom. From board books to adults titles, these beautiful stories make timeless gifts your loved one will cherish for years to come.

Hand Casting Kit – Perfect Keepsake Gift for Couples, Family & Kids

Create a fun new memory with your partner, family, or friend by using the plaster hand casting kit together. The result of a fun afternoon will be an heirloom you can treasure and pass down through your family. Joyful moments with our loved ones can pass by so fast, but the memory does not have to fade. Preserve these happy times with a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you can cherish.



We always tell our pups how much they mean to us, now they can share the love with our Love Bug Collection. Want a non-slobbery kiss from your pooch – with the use of the tenacious squeaker your pup can give you a big ol’ smooch. Or play an extra squeaky game of fetch with their removable handwritten note to you. Whichever way you choose to play, this collection you will serve as a constant reminder that you and your pup are the keys to each other’s hearts!

Fetch the Sun

Adventure-based, dog lifestyle brand that creates exciting apparel for you and your pup to match! 


This is a gift the cat-infatuated Valentine is sure to love! CatLadyBox is the exclusive subscription box that designs and delivers cat-themed items each month. From chic clothing to adorable glassware, you can represent your modern style and taste while showing off your cat pride. You’re not crazy, just crazy about cats! Choose from the 1, 3, or 6-month plan and receive your purr-fect box right at your doorstep.


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