Food and Drink Guide to Create the Perfect Night this Valentine’s Day

Creating the Perfect Night for Valentine’s Day all comes down to the food and drinks. We’ve compiled the best food and drink products to make your romantic night one to remember!


French for ‘beautiful joy’, BEAU JOIE brings a fresh, modern vibe to the traditional Champagne world ideal for your young professional audience. This is a Champagne designed to celebrate the fearless pursuit of pleasure and attract a younger, more diverse audience who are open to challenging tradition and inspires revelers to indulge their own inner king or queen during times of celebration. It’s a zero dosage Champagne, meaning it has no added sugar, so an ideal luxury gift for those wanting to indulge a little while still valuing wellness.


– BEAU JOIE Rosé Champagne makes it a ready-made gift for a new generation of Champagne consumer who values health & wellness, style, and sustainability. 

– Zero dosage allows the purity of the fruit shine through without being masked by the addition of sugar. The lack of any added sugars means BEAU JOIE works with all manner of foods and desserts – especially anything with a salty tanginess or touch of sweetness. 

–  It’s a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that has been aged for four years on yeast. 

– The result is a light, crisp rosé Champagne with a delicate matte color of rose petals, brimming with fresh fruit – think watermelon, strawberry and citrus notes, it boasts a vibrant structure and a delicate mousse that’s topped off with a lovely, lively long finish. 

– BEAU JOIE bottles are encased in a stunning suit of armor made from second generation scrap copper that has a rose hue — a functional design element that’s made to help cool the champagne quicker and keep it colder for longer without the need for an ice bucket, which, it turns out, not everyone has at home. 


More than 30 years ago, Sam Farber founded OXO when he saw his wife Betsey having trouble using a vegetable peeler due to arthritis. Sam saw an opportunity to design more thoughtful and user-friendly cooking tools and promised Betsey he would make a better peeler. Thus, OXO was born.

Valentine’s Day presents us with many opportunities to spoil the ones we love. Chocolate is great, and so are flowers, but if you’re looking for a fresh way to surprise your special someone, why not start the day with this Valentine’s Day coffee drink idea or have an intimate night at home with cocktails for two? Our Chef in Residence shares his favorite V-Day Cocktail to help spice the night up, Blood Orange Mezcal, with his favorite bar tools below.

Tim’s recipe for a Blood Orange Margarita using his favorite OXO tools: 

  •         4 1/2 oz of your favorite mezcal
  •         2 oz lime
  •         2 oz blood orange 
  •         1 oz simple
  •         3/4 oz agave

8-Cup French Press with Grounds Lifter

The sleek, stainless steel accent of the OXO Steel 1.7 Qt/1.6 L POP Container with Scoop makes it a smart choice for modern kitchens. It’s an airtight, space-efficient and stackable storage solution that’s ideally sized for 1 lb of coffee beans—and it includes a 2 T/30mL Scoop that attaches to the lid so it’s handy any time you want to make coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Love cold brew coffee, but not crazy about the mess? Our Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker simplifies the cold-brew process to deliver smooth, low-acid coffee concentrate. Just add grounds and water to the Coffee Maker, then steep overnight. The result? Coffee concentrate at the flip of a switch. The Rainmaker™ evenly distributes water over the grounds, the borosilicate glass carafe has measurement markings for portioning and can be easily stored in your fridge, and the ultra-fine stainless steel mesh filter is reusable and easy to clean. The Coffee Maker comes apart for cleaning and nests nicely when not in use. Can also brew tea.


An award-winning, home-grown & sustainable global wellness brand shipping the finest Indian Teas & Superfoods to millions of people across the world. Their tea is so delicious it has been awarded over 30 awards globally, and it has a slew of celebrity superfans including Oprah Winfrey (listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things two years in a row!), Ellen DeGeneres, Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart, Chris Pratt, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

All VAHDAM teas are sourced directly from plantations & farmers within days of harvest, packaged garden fresh at VAHDAM’s BRC Certified state-of-the-art facility, and shipped directly to their global fulfillment centers – all allowing for higher quality and fresher tea. VAHDAM has a wide variety of wellness teas that can help with a range of health issues from sleep to immunity to anxiety and more. The perfect gift for anyone who needs a little “Me Time”.

Rest – Sleep Support Tea, 30 Day Kit
Price: $34.99
If a blend were a lullaby, this is it – calming, gentle and soft, with valerian roots, herbs and flowers. VAHDAM’s Sleep Support tea contains Indian valerian, chamomile, ashwagandha, lavender, and rose to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

Protect – Immunity Support Tea, 20 Day Kit
Price: $34.99
A super combination of immunity-boosting superfoods, this tea contains turmeric, hibiscus, Indian gooseberries, and holy basil to help with inflammation, immunity, stress, and more.

The Hidden Sea Wine

For every bottle of The Hidden Sea sold, 10 plastic bottles are removed from oceanic waterways. So, everyone who gifts or receives a bottle of The Hidden Sea this Valentine’s Day is also making a tangible contribution to fighting climate change. 

Tropical Fruit Box 

Tropical Fruit Box sources fresh tropical and exotic fruits from all over the world, not typically found at a local grocery store, and deliver them directly to the customers’ door with guaranteed freshness delivery in the continental U.S.  TropiLove offers a health-conscious, luxurious gift, complete with fruit reference cards and recipes for immune boosting smoothies and more. The luscious pink and red exotic fruits include the novel Pinkglow™ pineapple, which is sustainably sourced and grown on a carbon-neutral farm in Costa Rica. 

Eastern Standard Provisions 

With your monthly box subscription, you’ll receive 1 box filled with a changing variety of Liège Belgian waffles, artisanal soft pretzels, Sourdough Hard Pretzel Pieces, and a combination of artfully blended sauces, salts, and sugars. A $34.99 value of gourmet snacks with every box!

In addition, you’ll receive two recipe cards with easy-to-make recipes based on the contents in your box.

The December Subscription Box includes:

  • (2) Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzels
  • (2) Classic Liège Belgian Waffle
  • (1) Bag One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites
  • (1) Pack SlidePiece Soft Pretzel Slider Buns
  • (1) Gingerbread Sugar
  • (1) Classic Pretzel Salt
  • (2) Eastern Standard Provisions pretzel & waffle-themed recipe cards
  • (1) Eastern Standard Provisions Sticker on the outside of the box


Sommarøy Spirits  

Sommarøy Spirits are premium lower-proof spirits named for a Norwegian island where the summer sun never sets – a perfect place where darkness refuses to spoil the fun. Using small-batch legacy distilling techniques, the brand created a Vodka and a Gin at 55-proof (27.5% ABV) that are unflavored, zero-carb, lower-calorie and gluten-free. The spirits’ smooth taste is meant to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

Lifevine Wines 

Lifevine is one of the first wines to list both serving facts and ingredients on the bottle. Lifevine Wine is Zero Sugar, Fewer Carbs and Committed to Label Transparency. Better yet, Lifevine wine is the only certified pesticide-free wine in America!

CRUMBS Bakeshop 

After a 10 year hiatus, they are back and better than ever because they offer cookies too. CRUMBS originated in NYC back in 2003, offering cupcakes before they were even a thing – 2x the size of ‘normal’ cupcakes! All their products are kosher & they even offer a subscription model for convenience.

Graham & Fisks Wine-In-A-Can

Give the gift of award-winning wine-in-a-can for your love interest this Valentine’s Day. Graham + Fisk’s Valentine’s Day gift pack includes 8 (250ml / 8.4oz) cans — 4 cans each of our Rosé Wine with Bubbles and Red Wine. 

Graham + Fisk’s Wine-In-A Can is 100% California wine canned in Sonoma County. Each blend has garnered its own Wine Enthusiast “Best Buy” designation. The cans are specially lined to lock in the flavor profiles, prevent any metallic taste, and are 100% recyclable. 

Free shipping for orders $65+ and a welcome discount of $10 for new customers is available at grahamandfisk.com.

FOOD LA LA French Macaron Kit 

For couples or Galentines who love to bake together, the FOOD LA LA French Macaron Kit is a sweet experience! Designed for home bakers of all levels, the baking kit comes with year-long access to a fun two-hour virtual masterclass led by expert Lindsay Kinder. The stylish kit contains pre-measured ingredients (everything but eggs, butter and a splash of milk), tools, recipe cards, gift boxes, sprinkle mixes and edible paints. Bon appétit!


Only the finest, seasonal and natural ingredients are selected to make MarieBelle chocolates. Using the finest selection of Criollo cacao beans from all over the world; what the fine Arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer Criollo bean is to chocolate. Criollo cacao makes up less than 10% of worldwide chocolate production. We source local ingredients and travel the world to find the best exotic ingredients each culture has to offer for our all-handmade chocolate.

Numi Organic Tea 

What is it? Numi Teas are made only with organic, all-natural ingredients – never any flavorings from a founding B Corporation member and a leading purchaser of organic, Fair Trade Certified teas. It’s a gift that gives back as well: Beyond extensive Fair Trade practices that help farmers worldwide, Numi’s sales support their impact programs, which include COVID food relief for high-needs families, educational support for underserved Oakland school children, and supplying clean drinking water for communities around the world that do not have access to it. 


  • NEW Self Care:  Gift yourself or another with a lovely herbal toolchest of wellness teas. In an oxagonal-shaped design, this gift box contains 5 each of 8 blends for a total of 40 tea bags.
  • Drinking Chocolates: Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate! Available in four flavors, these decadent Drinking Chocolates are vegan, keto-friendly, low sugar AND have functional ingredients. Perfect for the (healthy) chocoholic in your life.
  • The NEW Roasted Japanese Green Tea Line features two of the top 10 Japanese-inspired flavors trends: umami, a savory and nutty flavor, and yuzu, a lemon-type citrus with a distinct tart flavor.

Pop n’ Dulge 

VALENINE’S MOVIE NIGHT POPCORN KIT: It just takes a little imagination to recreate the romance of your favorite theater at home. Cuddle up with someone special or invite your best buddies over to pop some delicious movie popcorn for a Valentine’s Day movie marathon. Make your favorite flavors, mix and match, and get creative with the best of all foodie gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts for friends.

5 DELICIOUS POPCORN FLAVORS: Make movie magic with 5 mouth-watering, savory popcorn seasonings: Classic Salted Butter, Cheesy Garlic Parmesan, Better White Cheddar, Creamy Dreamy Chive, and Fiery Hot Pepper. Our Valentine’s Day Movie Night Popcorn Set makes it easy to whip up a crunchy cinematic snack in no time. This popcorn seasoning variety pack is the best of all valentine gifts.

PACKED WITH FUN: Enjoy gourmet kernels in three different, natural earth tones: Golden Classic, Poppin’ Blue, and Ruby Crunch. Our Valentine’s Day Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set is sourced with the highest quality ingredients in mind. Whether you’re looking for memorable Valentine’s Day gifts for mom, I love you gifts for her, girlfriend gifts, or wife gifts, there’s something for everyone in this tasty popcorn variety pack.

Good Molly’s 


Good Molly’s™ Bakehouse Cookies are handmade with premium and organic ingredients like Certified Gluten Free and Purity Protocol Wyoming Oats (without glyphosate) and Vermont Maple Syrup. You won’t find any artificial ingredients or preservatives in our cookies— just pure, delicious indulgence!

Just about everyone can enjoy Good Molly’s™ Bakehouse Cookies because they are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Soy Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Sesame Free
  • Tree Nut Free (other than coconut)
  • Vegan

Our cookies are made in a gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free (other than coconut), and soy free facility. Dairy and egg are processed in the facility (in other products and on different days). Finished product is tested for gluten.

Our Bakehouse Dozen Box of 12 oversized 2-oz cookies (4 Each of Sea Salt Double Chocolate, 3 Each of Chocolate Chunk and Cinnamon Oatmeal and 2 Each of Peppermint Brownie), makes for a great gift, anytime. Box measures 8″ x 8″ x 3″.

Our oversized cookies are perfect for sharing – or for keeping all to yourself!

Bear Mountain BBQ 

Bear Mountain BBQ’s products include all-natural hardwood pellets, which come in five Craft Blends™ and eight species flavors, as well as Smoke ‘Ems, single-use packets that pack a lot of flavor. By adding wood pellets or Smoke ‘Ems to the grill—gas, charcoal, electric and of course, pellet grills—pitmasters can use their own equipment to create the irresistible flavors and aromas that come from hardwood. Guests will enjoy the camaraderie of a backyard BBQ with a meal that brings to mind their favorite BBQ joint. 

Red Rooster Coffee 

Established in 2010 in downtown Floyd, VA, Red Rooster was created to roast excellent coffee for the owner’s existing coffee house. Today, They employ over 40 people while roasting some of the best coffee in the world while winning numerous awards!

They source all of their coffee responsibly. They use Organic and Fair Trade coffees for all of their signature blends and many of our single origins. In many cases, they buy coffee from farmers and traders in the country of origin, meaning more money flows into the country, and farmers can take better care of their coffee trees and their families.

They have always strived to operate sustainably in our daily operations by offering biodegradable coffee bags, having their bags hand-printed locally using water-based inks, composting their chaff with local organic farms, and minimizing their footprint by recycling and reusing within their facilities. They use only compostable to-go products in their coffee shop. In fact, the co-owner, Haden, was a founding member and president of the local sustainability non-profit, SustainFloyd.

Honey Mamas 

Searching for the best Valentine’s Day chocolates money can buy? Honey Mama’s makes melt-in-your-mouth truffle bars that go beyond the heart-shaped chocolate box. Raw honey and coconut oil create a velvety-smooth truffle texture, and the flavors range from flower-petal topped Lavender Rose to rich and creamy Chocolate Cake. Finding out these treats are free of the refined sugar, dairy, gluten, and soy of so many chocolates out there makes self-gifting the real temptation.

For a limited time, the NEW Honey Mama’s Valentine’s Day pack is available featuring a variety of four decadent flavors: elegant Lavender Rose, comforting Chocolate Cake, zesty Ginger Cardamom, and the exclusive Cherry Hazelnut, only released by Honey Mama’s once each year. The Valentine’s Day pack ($24 each) releases on Honey Mama’s website January 23rd.

Honey Mama’s bars are available in the refrigerated section of more than 6,000 retail locations (Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.) nationwide, on Instacart and online at www.honeymamas.com .

Cocktail Bomb

Cocktail Bomb Shop is the easiest, and most enjoyable way to make cocktails. Think like bath bombs but for your drink. When dropped into sparkling water cocktail bombs fizz and create a delicious cocktail or mocktail. The company’s best seller package includes a tasty variety of Mimosa, Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, Blue Raspberry, and Raspberry Orange cocktail bombs.


Add some sugar and spice with these Mexican inspired candies from Tamalitoz! Tamalitoz by Sugarox are a fiery, fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico. It’s a fruity ribbon-style hard candy filled with mild chili lime seasoning, the only candy on the market to put seasoning on the INSIDE. It all started in a tiny candy store in Mexico City. Husband & husband team, Jack and Dec, wanted to come up with a unique blend of flavors that represented both of them. With the tangy flavors of Mexico and traditional sweetness from Britain, Tamalitoz was born. All their flavors are naturally flavored and colored. Nothing artificial here. Try all 10 sweet and tangy flavors!

RyD Right 

A fresh take on the traditional nutrition bar. RyD Right’s special recipe uses uncompromised ingredients with only the best carbs, proteins, and healthy fats with natural sweeteners. Making it the perfect snack for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and anyone trying to lower their sugar intake. They are both delicious and nutritious, the perfect guilt-free snack! 

Dietary restrictions? No worries, RyD is gluten- and soy-free and plant-based and only use natural sweeteners. Riding the waves of our daily lives can be challenging, but you can trust that we have the best snack choice for you to “Do the RyD Right!”


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