Lose the Screens For Family Game Night

Technology makes it super easy to get lost behind the screen and stick to apps for most of your entertaining needs. While we use our fair share of technology, its really important that we carve out time with our kids away from the screens, and even the fields. That’s why I LOVE when we lose the screens and have a Family Game Night.

We do so much running around between sports and events. Every season is packed with some kind of activity and it seems like any of our “downtime” (if thats what you’d call it) is constantly scheduled with commitments. When we get a rained-out practice or free Saturday night, our kids love to bust out the games and get a little competition going!

As our kids are getting older, we’re getting a larger variety of game options. The best part is many of the family games available have SO much more to them than some of the mindless screen games. Check out some of our favorite games and the skills our kids are learning!

  • Yahtzee– Math skills: addition, multiplication, probability
  • Boggle– Learn vocabulary words
  • Sequence/Sequence for Kids– Strategy game teaching¬†animal vocabulary and categorization
  • Monopoly– Money lessons like saving, generating income, and negotiating
  • Charades– Nonverbal communication
  • Skip-Bo– Number sequencing
  • Life– Strategy, problem solving, decision making
  • Jenga– Motor skills
  • Pictionary– Description and observation skills

Family game night doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You can grab a family game, make some popcorn (or even cut up veggies and dip), and have fun! What’s your favorite game to play with your family?


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