TBI Life- My First Botox Treatment

When I think of Botox, I picture an elite cosmetic procedure that the Kardashians or some celebrity goes to with their friends and camera crew. In an attempt to rid themselves of any sign of aging or wrinkles, they have this simple procedure performed and carry on with their day of shopping, lunch dates, and work. I endured my first botox treatment last week, but for the most un-glamorous reason.. to treat migraines.

TBI Life- My First Botox Treatment

Now I’m definitely not one to oppose cosmetic procedures. If someone has the time, money, and guts to do a little nip/tuck, then more power to them. Truth be told, I was pretty excited to try the Botox, but mainly because dealing with debilitating migraines has been an awful way to live for the past four years. Setting up the appointment was super easy, and conveniently done right in my Neurologist’s office.

Prior to getting the treatment, I was provided with a ton of literature about Botox, including a journal to track the frequency and duration of my migraines. At my pre-botox appointment, my Neurologist informed us, that treating migraines with Botox injections had a very high success rate in those individuals with migraines severe enough to be treated. He was pretty confident I would see a difference, but it wouldn’t be right away. Sometimes it can take numerous treatments. Each appointment is approximately three months apart, meaning it could be nine months to an entire year until I notice any alleviation.



The morning of my Botox treatment I was super excited and nervous. The entire procedure took about 3 minutes. My Neurologist started by wiping my forehead, temples, shoulder blades, and neck. He started injecting the treatment around my forehead and temples, going a little past my hairline. He then started injections down my neck and across both shoulders. I still cant decide which was worse, the constant pinching or the fact that I could hear the liquid injecting into my temples. I made it through, but not before almost passing out. When all was said and done with the procedure, I laid down and took a few minutes to gain my composure.TBI Life- My First Botox TreatmentAfter Treatment

The doctor said I may experience soreness and my head could possibly feel heavy. For some reason when listening to the potential side effects, I didn’t think it would truly happen. On the ride home (approx 30 minutes after treatment) I immediately started to experience the soreness in my neck. I went home and rested for the remainder of the day. It was hard to pick up or hold anyone in my arms. I’m about a week past my first treatment and still have the soreness in my neck and shoulders. There is also a pretty intense “heavy” feeling anytime I bend down. I’ve been holding my forehead to keep from the motion of falling forward.

TBI Life- My First Botox Treatment

My next appointment is in three months and I’m cautiously optimistic these side effects will be gone soon and I’ll be migraine free (or at least having less that five migraines a week)! Stay tuned to hear more about my TBI journey with Botox!

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