Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots

One of the best parts about Fall is the fashion. While I love my flip flops and summer dresses, fall allows me to break out my most valued possession … my boots! And I’m not talking about snow boots (although I DO love my North Face Eskimo snow boots). Fall fashion enables you to throw on a pair of leggins and boots, staying trendy yet comfortable at the same time!

Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots #FallFun31

Your closet doesn’t need to be overloaded with boots, however its important to have these different types of boots:

Everyday boots: These are the boots you can simply slip on and go whether you’re wearing jeans or leggins. They go perfect with an over sized hoodie or a fall sweater. My go-to everyday boot is a pair of Uggs.

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Flat boots: These boots are similar to the everyday boot, but a little dressier. They are the perfect boots to wear when you’re going out but doing a ton of walking and want something that is comfortable. They can be worn with jeans or even an every fall dress.

Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots #FallFun31

Wedge boots: These boots are typically more comfortable than heels and are perfect to dress up an outfit. They can be worn with jeans or a dress/skirt. My black wedge boots are my go-to when we’re going out and I want a casual, yet comfortable look.

Heel boots: These boots are for a night on the town. They should still be versatile enough to go with a fancy dress or a pair of pants. I like to keep a variety and have a pair in black and brown.

Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots #FallFun31

Cowboy boots/work boots: Fall weather brings a lot of outdoor activities, which sometimes require a more durable boot. Depending on your style, you could pick up a cute hardy pair of cowboy boots or work boots.. perfect for that trip to the pumpkin patch or trekking through the mud filled corn maze! 

Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots #FallFun31

Thigh high boots: These boots bring the sexy and spice to your style. Maybe you just wear them for your special date nights in or your girls night out, but these babies are sure to make you feel hot and ready to take on your inner vixen. My thigh high boots don’t see as much action as my everyday boots, but when I do break them out, you know the party is on!

Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots #FallFun31

So instead of apprehensively packing up your sandals, head to the shoe store and make sure your fall style is flourishing with boots!

Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots #FallFun31

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  1. nothing like getting a new pair of Fall boots!

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