Fall Fashion Trends- The Puffy Vest

Fall is here, which means it’s finally sweater (and vest) weather! The puffy vest is the latest fashion trend this season. As you’re pulling out your sweaters, don’t be so quick to set the trends of last year aside and run out to purchase more (okay maybe go out and purchase a few new items). Take advance of the season with the power of layers and accessories! This is the perfect time of year to rock that super cute faux fur vest. The temperature is definitely too warm for your winter coat but a little too chilly for just a sweater…enter puffy vest!

Fall Fashion Trends- The Puffy Vest #FallFun31

The vest (puffy or non puffy) is my favorite because it can be used as an accessory, allowing me to show off my gorgeous sweater underneath, yet stay warm to endure outdoor activities. Whether you’re attending an outdoor sporting event or an afternoon hike, a vest is your go-to outdoor wear. Personally, I like to use my hooded vest an as added bonus. It’s perfect for those fall nights sitting around the firepit and keeps my ears protected without pulling out the hardcore winter gear. For a cool casual look, wear your puffy vest over a hoodie.

Fall Fashion Trends- The Puffy Vest #FallFun31

Vests are not just an accessory for adults, they are the perfect outer layer for kids too! Whether waiting for the bus on the crisp fall mornings or heading outside for recess, a puffy vest is great for keeping your kids’ cores warm. My boys absolutely love their vests, not to mention there isn’t anything quite as adorable as little kids rocking puffy fall vests!

Fall Fashion Trends- The Puffy Vest #FallFun31

You can layer your vest over various different sweaters, expanding your wardrobe that much more! Fall makes me excited for many things and my puffy vest is definitely on the top of that list!


What is your favorite way to wear a vest?


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