Family Pumpkin Carving

You read about our yearly tradition of Pumpkin Picking with friends, so it only makes sense that we ALSO have a tradition of pumpkin carving. Carving our own pumpkins is a great way to do a fun activity with the kids AND decorate the house at the same time! Once our pumpkins are done, the front of our house looks super festive without having to drag out a bunch of decorations OR spend a ton of money!

The pumpkin carving takes place at our house with just my husband, my boys, and me. Every year my son and husband go through (what seems like hundreds) of stencils to pick the best ones for their pumpkins. Of course with me being the only girl (for now) I never get much of a say on the stencil and its typically something that is scary, or gross, or very “boyish”

Family Pumpkin Carving #FallFun31

Every year my son seems to pick the most intricate and difficult pattern, and my husband time and time again, pulls off an AMAZING carving. We start with cutting the bottom of the pumpkin (this makes it much easier to place the pumpkin over the candle. I help the boys scoop out the inside and try to separate the pumpkin seeds to bake them. Once all of the scooping is concluded, my job is typically over. I get to stand by and watch, reminding little boys not to put their fingers near the knives. My sons watch in amazement as the stencil of their choice slowly comes to life on their pumpkin. We run our finished products outside, enjoying our pumpkin seeds and watching the glow of our decorations!

Family Pumpkin Carving #FallFun31

 What are some of your pumpkin carving traditions?


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  1. I have to say, I was never a great pumpkin carver with you girls but you guys really are creative and make great carved pumpkins- So creative!

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