How FedEx Office Helped Our Business Get Back on Track After Quarantine

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I collaborated with FedEx Office® to provide this post. All opinions are my own.

Owning a small business in 2020 has unleashed unchartered challenges, never experienced by even the most successful business owners in the past. After a monumental and mandatory shutdown, my fitness facility, Branford Fit Body Boot Camp, was finally given the green light to open. My business partner and I knew we needed new materials to ensure a smooth reopening. Our challenge was finding professional materials that wouldn’t break an already reduced bank account and wouldn’t take an extended amount of time to receive. FedEx Office® helped our business to get back on track to reopen after quarantine!

As small businesses, like our fitness facility, are preparing to open their doors, we can count on FedEx Office to help us welcome our customers back. From the ready-to-print signs to standard prints, FedEx Office offers a variety of products to meet the needs for every business. I started by creating an account in the easy-to-use digital platform. There, I could easily design and print everything I need. In 2 simple steps, I was able to upload our logo, fonts, and design affordable prints to have shipped to my home, business, or local FedEx Office store.

Through the new FedEx Office design tool, everyone can now access an extensive library of images, illustrations, and templates created by Canva, allowing novice users to achieve professional results. I’ve been using Canva templates for years and was thrilled to discover this tool was seamlessly layered into FedEx Office’s design-to-print portal.

At Branford Fit Body Boot Camp, we promote the safety of our clients being our number one priority. The pandemic brought a whole new meaning to that concept. In order to ensure a smooth re-opening, we needed to create visual materials that gave clients the confidence that they would be in a safe and clean environment. I decided to go speak to an in-store associate for guidance on the best materials to fit our needs.

I was super excited to head to my local FedEx Office store and get to work! The biggest struggle was picking which FedEx Office store to visit since there were multiple locations right near me. In fact, 69 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a FedEx Office location. Click here to find the location closest to you.

Upon pulling up to the FedEx Office store, I noticed a large banner in front that read “We’re Open.” The simplest concept brought so much value, establishing a concrete message that YES! This store is open! I immediately knew a similar banner would be essential to growing our business and letting the daily traffic that passes our location of 30,000 plus, know that Branford Fit Body Boot Camp was open for business! I met with Sadie at my local FedEx Office store and spilled my scattered ideas. She patiently and enthusiastically pulled together material samples that hit on my objectives of letting everyone know we were open, reassuring clientele we were operating a safe and sanitary facility, and providing them with the information they required for our new protocols.


Sadie loved the idea of the large “We’re Open” banner. We worked together to take the format of our logo and create a mockup that fit our brand perfectly. She also helped with sizing to ensure the banner was large enough to be seen from the main road. Next, we tackled the task of covering our new COVID protocols, which included clients waiting outside until a team member opened the doors 5 minutes before a session starts. Sadie suggested an A-Frame poster to place outside the door of the facility with a checklist of the new items everyone must have when coming in for a session. I gave Sadie a list of everything to be included on the sign and to be mindful of time, she planned to work on the mock up and email it over to me.

Sadie emailed me over the posters for our A-Frame and they were perfect! Clients will easily be able to see the items they need and run to car to get anything they forgot before walking through the door! FedEx Office has an entire section dedicated to COVID-19 signage templates. From floor decals for social distance direction to flyers to include important information, FedEx Office has it all! See all of the COVID-19 signage templates here.

Whether you are a micro, small, or mid-size business, FedEx Office is there to support you as you welcome back customers and adjust to the new normal! And now, you can save $20 off a $50 on your print order using promo code NAT212 at checkout. Offer ends 11/30, and the promo code can be used in-store and online. Learn more here.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FedEx Office.

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