Use Your Senses For Fall Decorating

Get your home ready for fall by honing in on your sense of sight, touch, and smell. Redecorating for the season doesn’t have to be a pain if you stay focused. I personally like to stick with the autumn/fall theme versus the Halloween theme, but you can go either way .. or do a mix!

Use Your Senses For Fall Decorating #FallFun31

First take your sense of sight. You can add little accents to your home to really bring in the Fall or Halloween feel. Swap your bright summer colors for the bold warm colors of fall. Use oranges to get a great cross mix between fall and Halloween. Focus on deep colors like purples, reds, and greens for your curtains and tablecloths. Add hints of blacks and grays for a more Halloween theme. If you want something a little lower maintenance, simply pick up new throw pillows for your couches. It will add a fall ambiance to your home without completely having to redecorate.

Use Your Senses For Fall Decorating #FallFun31

Next, let the last thing you touch at night be fall focused. That’s right .. I’m talking about your bed. While most decorating takes place in the main living area, I like to swap out my bedding during the fall season. My style this year is simple and elegant, but incorporates the rich tones of fall and allows me to accent with another throw pillow. Since the majority of my house was focused solely on fall, I decided to put Halloween in the mix (plus I thought the pillow was really cute). I get a nice change of scenery in my bedroom and feel like I’m once step closer to indulging in the full effect of fall.

Use Your Senses For Fall Decorating #FallFun31

Lastly, focus on your sense of smell. There are delicious fall candle scents that are sure to bring the essence of fall into your home. From pumpkin cheesecake to autumn breeze, there is a fall scent to satisfy everyone! I place one candle in my living room, another on my stove, and the last one in my bedroom. The living room and kitchen candles are utilized the most, and from the moment they are lit, I feel fall bursting through my home! Decorating for the season doesn’t require endless hours or rearranging and sorting through bins. The best thing about decorating by accenting, is a little goes a long way!

Use Your Senses For Fall Decorating #FallFun31

How do you get your house ready for fall?
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  1. I love the colors in the bedspread, you can add so many different colors with it! I’m a candle person myself- I have a cabinet dedicated to them

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