Get Your Nail Polish Fall Ready

One of my most favorite things about fall is the colors…and I’m not talking about the leaves, I’m talking about the nail polish! Hey don’t get me wrong, I am a bright Barbie pink, toes in the sand type of girl, but there’s something about a deep violet nail that brings out my inner vixen. The cool air just lets me know that it’s go time for the dark nail polish.

Get Your Nail Polish Fall Ready #FallFun31

The crisp fall air means it’s time to pack up those shorts and bust out the sweaters, but fall fashion is so much more than swapping your wardrobe. Sure, the flip flops need to go into hibernation while your Ugg boots make their appearance, but your closet is just one piece that needs to be transitioned for fall. As you’re switching out clothes, make sure you include switching your nail polishes in the task! This is also a great time to go through those polishes that are getting old, lumpy, and in need of retiring.

Get Your Nail Polish Fall Ready #FallFun31

I know I’ve officially transitioned to the fall season when my eggplant nail polish is fresh! If shades of purple aren’t your cup of tea, you can go wild with blacks, deep reds or even blues. Halloween is just around the corner so that wild striped manicure you’ve been itching to try is perfect!

Get Your Nail Polish Fall Ready #FallFun31

What are your go to Fall nail polish colors?

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  1. I hate when the weather gets cooler but I do love going dark with my nails! I also love your owl ring!

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