Pick Up FailFix Dolls this Holiday Season for the Perfect Makeover Toy

Pampering and beauty starts early for some young ladies. I actually can’t remember a time when my recently turned five year old wasn’t into makeovers, nail polish, and at-home spa days. I have to admit, loving every second of having two boys, I never realized HOW much fun it would be to have a daughter. From playing with dolls to Mommy-Daughter makeovers, there’s something special about sharing time and making memories with your little girl. Recently, we brought our makeover skills to the doll world with #FailFix Dolls by Moose Toys — and we had a blast! If you have a little girl to shop for this holiday season, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

We’ve all been there — when a makeover goes wrong. FailFix dolls are no different! The #FailFix Total Makeover Dolls tried out the latest online beauty tutorials and need help to fix their beauty fails. We dressed down in our favorite spa night pajamas, grabbed our sleeping masks and got to work on our doll makeovers! My little girl did not take this task lightly and reassured her doll, @PreppiPosh, and my doll, @Dance.Stylz, that they were in the right hands.

The head-to-toe transformation began with a surprise fashion reveal when we removed the packaged robe to find a Rare outfit for @PreppiPosh and an Ultra-Rare outfit for @Dance.Stylz. This was a REALLY big deal.

After we broke our dolls free from the packaging, we went right to pampering by applying the magic spa masks. It only took a few minutes of relaxation before we removed the magic masks to reveal two beautifully made-up faces. The face mask can be applied over and over again resulting in endless transformations from Fail to Fix for your doll. Next, we decided to tame a “Messy Hair, Don’t Care” style. We tackled their hair by removing the stuck-in accessories and working on lots of brushing.

Each doll came with special hair accessories and tools to create the perfect hairstyle. We finished our dolls by styling them with shoes and jewelry — creating the ultimate makeover look and setting them in the best poses on their doll stands.


There are five different FailFix #Dolls to fix, so you can help @Kawaii.Qtee, @PreppiPosh, @Loves.Glam, @SlayItDJ and @Dance.Stylz create the latest on-trend style. The diverse line of ethnicities and body shapes empowers girls of all ages to #TakeoverTheMakeover! 

If you have a girl who loves styling hair, makeup, and fashion this 8.5 inch Fashion Doll is the PERFECT holiday gift with its transforming hair and face, surprise fashion reveal, and adorable accessories. My favorite part of Moose Toy’s #FailFix Total Makeover Doll is that it celebrates the “perfectly imperfect.” The message is that it’s okay to fail — you can embrace making mistakes and being real. Plus, your child gets to be the hero of the transformation! 

And guess what?#FailFix was nominated and a Finalist for Toy of the Year in the Doll Category. Toy Insider published a story stemming from the Toy Association’s press release about the TOTY nomination if you want to take a look!

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