I Had My Baby’s Ears Pierced

Before I had kids, I imagined if I had a little girl, I’d pierce her ears when she was a baby. But now that I HAVE my own baby girl, my initial reaction was .. NO WAY will I pierce her ears. I don’t want to put her in pain just so she’ll look adorable with earrings. Then my husband asked when we were going to pierce her ears ..and suddenly this ear piercing question became real. I couldn’t simply avoid it. SO I did what any mom would do … I talked to people about it. And I didn’t realize HOW controversial it is for baby ear piercing! After careful consideration and research, I had my baby’s ears pierced and here’s why:

I Had My Baby's Ears Pierced

  1. I talked to my pediatrician.. who said it was perfectly safe. He also suggested IF I was going to do it, to have it done sooner than later so I could properly take care of her ears.
  2. I talked to my friends with daughters. Some pierced their ears when they were infants and didn’t have any issues. Some waited until they were much older (7+) and could make the decision themselves (my best friend told me how she kind of resented her mom because she wanted earrings so bad and got them when she was in elementary school, but remembered how badly it hurt). Then quite a few friends did it when their girls were toddlers or could first ask for earrings (90% of the toddler stories ended in “they got infected”, “she wouldn’t stop touching them”, “she wouldn’t let me clean them correctly” .. etc).
  3. I did my research on the piercings and after care for a baby vs. toddler vs. big kid. The conclusion was the same as I found with my friends.. the babies had less infections, the toddlers were often infected or needed a repiercing, and the big kids were pissed because it was painful.

I Had My Baby's Ears Pierced

SO .. WE DID IT! We found a reputable place with experience in baby ear piercings and asked a thousand questions about the sterilization, earrings, and after care for the piercings. I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up the entire time I was sitting in the chair with my baby girl.. but in a matter of seconds (literally) her ears were done. She cried for a split second and then was back to her happy bubbly self.

I Had My Baby's Ears Pierced

So regardless if you decide to pierce your daughter’s ears as a baby, toddler, or big kid.. make sure you go to a reputable place (many doctor’s offices will even do them) and follow the after care instructions.

Next task- shopping for diamonds!


When did you have your ears pierced?


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  1. Wow so beautiful

  2. Welcome to our informal group of mums who took the decision to pierce their baby’s ears – your daughter does, of course, look really pretty wearing earrings. My parents had my ears pierced as a baby and I took both my daughters, now aged eight and six years old, to have it done when they were each just three months old. You and your husband will not regret your decision and your daughter will thank you for having her ears pierced as a baby as I told my parents for having it done to me. I felt so special and happy as a little girl that I could wear earrings when some other girls couldn’t and I know my daughters have felt the same.

    1. Thank you! I agree, I’m very happy with our decision 🙂

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