Lazy Date Night

When you have two kids under five and a newborn on the way, date nights are few and far between. So when you do get the opportunity for a date night, it may be a spur of the moment, last minute, no time for planning lazy date night. Many people think of date night as the standard, go out to dinner and go to a movie or do SOMETHING outside of the house night. While those nights are a lot of fun, sometimes my most favorite date nights include Starbucks and cuddling on our couch watching a movie or one of our tv shows.

Here are some perfect ways to kick off your lazy date night:

  • Grab a cup of Joe at your local coffee shop, but take it to go! Head back home and pick out that movie you’ve been waiting to see!


  • Head to bed at your normal time- get up and head to breakfast! Who said date night HAS to be at night? When was the last time you had breakfast without the kids? Get up early and go for breakfast before you pick up the kids!


  • Clear out your dvr! Date night doesn’t have to be running yourself wild. Veg out on with some quality couch cuddling and catch up on your latest shows. Or maybe start a new one! My husband and I binged on Californiacation .. best lazy date night ever!


  • Get intimate! Close the shades, lock the doors, and get dirty. When the kids are away, mom and dad can play!

Lazy date night comes in many shapes and sizes, so indulge in your preferences. Sometimes being able to relax is better than a night out on the town. Whatever you decide, just make sure you have fun!


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