Be Holiday Ready

Now that November is here, the holidays are coming fast and furious. Before we know it, snow will be on the ground, chestnuts will be roasting, and Rudolph reruns will be on every evening. This year be holiday ready, by prepping more than just the decorations in your house.

Be Holiday Ready

Get some of the stress out of your holidays this year by focusing on the four main areas impacted:


Home– Get you house ready for all those holiday decorations. Rearrange furniture to fit decorations like a Christmas tree and other items. Clear off counters and flat surfaces to swap every day decorations for holiday decorations. Remember, one in- one out. For every holiday decoration you take out, one of your everyday decorations should be put away.

Budget– the holidays can become a pricey time of year. Sit down and make a budget for your holiday spending, include anything that is holiday related such as gifts, travel, and gatherings. If you host any of the holidays or parties, you need to factor in any money you spend on food and beverages. Don’t be caught off guard and surprised when bills come in for the new year. Setting a budget and sticking to it is a great way to kick off the new year right!

Travel– A major part of your travels is for shopping. Instead of having wasted trips and revisits to stores, make a list of everyone who will need a gift. Don’t forget to include any gifts needed for services such as mailman, hairdresser, teachers, etc. Write down give options for each person and narrow down the stores that carry those items.

Time– As the holidays approach, events start piling up and many times overlap. Use your calendar to stay organized by logging all of your commitments including those for work, school, sports, and personal events. Now that Big Prince is very active in school and sport activities, its vital that we have a system in place to know where to go on what day. Plus, it allows us to know the days we have available to do the things WE want to do.

Be Holiday Ready


This year our holiday season is sure to be pure chaos, but we’re keeping the confusion controlled by staying organized and so can you!


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  1. These are some great reminders! I always forget to order cookie trays early enough to mail

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