Join #SamsClubBaby Twitter Party Wed. Dec 2nd at 2pm ET

Join me for the #SamsClubBaby Twitter Party Wed. Dec 2nd at 2pm ET

This is a sponsored post for Sam’s Club

Join me on Wednesday, December 2nd at 2pm ET for a fun Twitter Party all about baby!


Getting out often may be difficult for a new mom, but being able to buy diapers, wipes and more in bulk means more time at home with baby. Join our Twitter Party to share stories and photos of your little angels, connect with other new moms and learn ways to make more time for you and baby!


Follow along with the hashtag #SamsClubBaby and answer the questions Tweeted by me, host @CrissyBeam for a chance to win a Visa gift card!


 $1,000 in Prizes!

Throughout the hour, I’ll be giving away Visa gift cards, so you can stock up on all your baby’s need at great prices!  Prizes during the party include:

One (1) $50 Visa Gift Card
One (1) $75 Visa Gift Card
One (1) $100 Visa Gift Card
One (1) $150 Visa Gift Card
One (1) $175 Visa Gift Card
One (1) $200 Visa Gift Card
One (1) $250 Visa Gift Card

*official rules*

Let’s Talk Baby with #SamsClubBaby!


I can’t wait to Tweet with you and your babes!

Tell your friends about the Twitter Party by clicking here to Tweet

I am going to the #SamsClubBaby Twitter Party on Wed. 12/2 @2pm ET! Join me & get info here http://bit.ly/1NcjTgO

Don’t forget to follow @CrissyBeam as well as the REST of the participants:








Feel free to place your Twitter ID in the comments below!


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  1. @aricahutchins says:

    Omgosh what wonderful prizes and topic. I have four of my own and thats all i talk about lol. Thks for this chance rsvp @aricahutchins

  2. courtney south says:

    Ooh what a great twitter party this will be!! I love sams! Rsvp @south_courtney

  3. Anastasia Falling says:

    RSVP – @Anastasia_Fall

  4. neida aponte says:


  5. Caroline ortiz says:


  6. Kristen Benton says:

    RSVP @ KBentonDeLauder

  7. Looking forward to the party! RSVP @ poomy_fl

  8. RSVP @Huni_Bun thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

  9. RSVP @MomsSweetMoment

  10. RSVP @yoda1librarian

  11. Tonya Atkinson says:

    RSVP @TonyaAtki

  12. I love sams club! This will help with my little one on the way

    Rsvp @joriker

  13. I am so excited! RSVP @yarbr012

  14. nichole dowell says:

    RSVP @DowellNichole

  15. neida aponte says:

    RSVP @HisandHerReport

  16. Angela Hendricks says:


    Can’t wait to come chat with you all! I have a 17 month old and I love parties like these! Tweet you soon!!

  17. @ashkeinath85 says:

    @ashkeinath85 I will be there so amazing thanks!

  18. Daniela Tapia says:

    @danitapia88 !! I will be there!!!

  19. With twins who are still in diapers, I know how much SAMs saves me! Can’t wait to come out and support them @FiveMenAndALady

  20. @reviewsmall says:

    RSVP @ReviewsMall

  21. ASDsupportNC says:

    RSVP – @ASDsupportNC

  22. Woooo! Love Sams Club! RSVP @MomtoHM

  23. Tracy Sefert says:

    RSVP- @tsefert

    Great prizes!!

  24. Autumn Smith says:

    RSVP @MrsSmiiith15

  25. RSVP – @ThatGirl1705 Great prizes, thanks for this opportunity!

  26. Kayla Coleman says:

    Will be there ready to talk a bout my four kiddos

  27. desiree osborne says:

    RSVP @seemeball74

  28. Susan Thevenard says:

    RSVP @coralrae21

  29. Can’t wait thank you RSVP @kymnasium

  30. Licia Miles says:

    Can’t wait! RSVP @MissHeartofGold

  31. Kricket Fountain says:

    RSVP @FountainKricket
    Can’t wait

  32. Going to be a great party! @cangoNINNY will be there!

  33. Stephanie M says:

    RSVP @Stephan94848598 As long as baby #2 decides to stay put 🙂

  34. Stephanie M says:

    RSVP @stephan94848598 I’ll be there as long as baby #2 decides to stay put!

  35. chad vankeuren says:

    RSVP @Sinch420

  36. Amanda Cyrus says:

    Perfect topic for me since I am expecting twins! @amandajc_21

  37. Betsy Barnes @merrypinktaz says:

    RSVP @merrypinktaz 🙂

  38. Stephanie says:

    RSVP: @Oregon_Mama

  39. Brooke Boyd says:

    RSVP @Brooke1Boyd Thank you!!!

  40. Casandra LaMonaca says:

    RSVP @CassieLaMonaca ~ Pregnant with my first and looking forward to the party.

  41. @shivamin2000 says:

    RSVP @shivamin2000

  42. Roseanne Gary says:

    RSVP @roseanne_gary
    Sound like a great party.
    Tweet you then

  43. @Jsod23Jessica says:

    I’m a first time mom- of 2 month old twins! RSVP @Jsod23Jessica

  44. Elsa Delgadillo says:

    RSVP @elsa99

    1. Elsa Delgadillo says:

      Two kids and one more precious Angel due at the beginning of February!!!! I apologize if Im posting the comments wrong, but I hardly used Twitter and am new to this….lol

  45. Andrea Peregretti says:


  46. Chasta Howes says:

    RSVP @ChastaHowws

    1. Chasta Howes says:

      RSVP @ChastaHowes

  47. Rana Durham says:

    rsvp @ranadurham or @ranajeree

  48. @knit1coffee2 says:

    RSVP @knit1coffee2

  49. Rebecca Graham says:

    RSVP @rhoneygee

  50. @level20mom I’ll be there!!

  51. Chrissy Mcpherson (@Frm1Mom2Another) says:

    @Frm1Mom2Another I have due in Early April, excited to join in!

  52. Kristin G says:

    RSVP @marleykristin

  53. @choosefaith02 rsvp

  54. Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    Nap time, I have a date with twitter! 🙂

  55. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    RSVP @babybear1878

  56. Count me in! I have an 8 week old little guy and this would be amazing!!! Let’s talk babies 🙂 @weezy3284

  57. Debbie Garrett says:

    RSVP @BeachBum2Be

  58. @s_thirtymommy says:

    RSVZp @S_thirtymommy

  59. Stephanie says:

    Woohoo! Cant wait!

    RSVP @Stetsy88

  60. RSVP @makeupdiva111 Can’t wait to party!

  61. RSVP @Chandlermom221

  62. Kristen bodor says:

    Ready for it

  63. @MommyNailsof5 says:

    RSVP @MommyNailsof5

  64. @meganmstephen RSVP

  65. I can’t wait for the party!! @TEXASMOM2THREE

  66. Krystal smith says:

    RSVP @Klroden81

  67. michele barnette says:


  68. Julie Fields says:

    RSVP @twodartmom

  69. @purplepassion12 says:


  70. Jennifer Essad says:

    @4jlessad, can’t wait to join you all this afternoon

  71. brittany dunyan says:

    RSVP @derailedrants

  72. Noelle Carroll says:

    rsvp @noe1111 what a beautiful family!cant wait to participate!

  73. Chavonne H says:


  74. Mary Fagans says:

    RSVP @kittylover1313

  75. janice urffer says:

    @janiceurffer201 love this giveaway good luck everyone.

  76. RSVP @Scrappiedoodle – Can’t wait! Tweet you soon! =D

  77. Rebecca Lock says:

    RSVP @alady3lads

  78. JoeyfromSC says:

    I’ll be there:)



  79. RSVP @cheryl888888
    Thanks for inviting my baby. It will be her first twitter party!!! 🙂

  80. Tiffany Dover says:

    RSVP @CraziMomOf2Boys

  81. Carrie Lancon says:

    RSVP @carebare128

  82. @sportytechmama says:

    RSVP @sportytechmama

  83. Perlita Mata says:

    RSVP @perlaxx80

  84. Danielle Bell says:


  85. Phylicia Phillips says:

    RSVP @phyliciasp

  86. Leanne Godfrey says:

    RSVP – @lillyleanneg
    I’m looking forward to this!

  87. RSVP @Colorado_Mommy3

  88. @Middlefairy says:

    Rsvp: @Middlefairy Love to talk about babies!

  89. Michelle Small says:

    RSVP @BlessdWife_Mom4

  90. @MyZenFulPlace says:

    RSVP @MyZenFulPlace

  91. Darlene O'Brien says:

    RSVP @DROBrien77
    Love them babies!

  92. Ryan Spencer says:


  93. @Caseygirl1982 says:

    RSVPing @Caseygirl1982 I could talk babies and kids all day! 🙂

  94. Stephany Valdez says:

    RSVP @babymeadow

  95. maleficent m says:

    rsvp @maleficent_mcn

  96. GYPSY THOMAS says:

    twitter rsvp @gypsysage

  97. Tammy Taylor says:

    Sounds like tons fun @ACouponAngel

  98. Ashley Agner says:

    RSVP- @2005Brown

  99. Amy Power says:

    RSVP @bluerose110511

  100. Laura Miller says:

    Love this! Sam’s rocks! @Krazed79

  101. @samlovesjams says:

    Excited!!! RSVP!

  102. amy stonger says:

    looking forward to it @astonger

  103. Adrienne Michele says:


  104. @TheRealTalitaD super excited to party!!

  105. Andrea Peregretti says:

    rsvp @is4drea

  106. Samantha Mer says:

    RSVP @Sam09_2015

  107. Anna Tetreault says:

    @annacat728, would love to win for baby gear! My baby boy is due on Valentine’s Day!

  108. Rvsp.
    This will be my first twitter party can’t wait!!

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