Holiday Beauty Must Dos

You are probably feverishly prepping for your holiday feasts, making your menu list and doing all of the shopping for ingredients. While your busy prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, getting Christmas cards ready to send, and decorating the house in garland and tinsel… don’t forget about your eyebrows and these holiday beauty must-dos, as they are the first thing people will see when you greet them at the door on Thursday.

Holiday Beauty Must Dos

Eyebrows are a very important aspect in my family. My sister and I stay dedicated to keeping our eyebrows in check and reigning in the crazy caterpillars when necessary. Looking back on holiday pictures, you always look your best when your eyebrows are freshly shaped. This time of year, there is so much happening, that many women (and men) put their personal beauty needs to the side to focus on the many minor details of the holiday season. This year take a stand for your beauty and look your best yet for the holiday!

  • Keep your eyebrows freshly shaped. My sister and I do our eyebrows ourselves, but if you dont feel comfortable doing the same, make an appointment. An eyebrow wax is pretty inexpensive and can be done in minutes at the beauty salon. Don’t be embarrassed if your upper lip needs some attention too, get it all done in one shot while you’re there!
  • Roots are for the trees. Make an appointment with your hairstylist to get your color right for the holiday! This is also the perfect time to get a quick trim before the holiday. If you’re feeling adventurous, go big and get a nice healthy cut! Just remember, you want something that will be comfortable for you to style for the holidays and any holiday events that are happening in the upcoming weeks.
  • Nail polish is a girl’s best friend. I always feel complete when I have a fresh coat of color on my nails. The new gel polish can last for a couple weeks if  you want something to stick around. Otherwise, you can make an appointment for a quick manicure before your holiday events.
  • Spend more time flaunting the outfit than sitting in the closet. I used to spend what seemed like all morning (the day of) picking out the perfect holiday outfit. Instead of spending time trying on outfit after outfit, plan ahead and pick out the perfect outfit for your holiday in advance. Get creative and place the jewelry in a baggy with your outfit!

Holiday Beauty Must Dos

Remember the holidays are busy for everyone, so make your appointments in advance. Chances are your hairdresser won’t be able to squeeze you in on Christmas Eve! Try to get as many services done at the salon at once. When you make an appointment for your hair see if they have availability for waxings too!


What beauty services will you have done for the holiday?

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  1. I also like to make time for at-home face masques so that my skin looks extra good in family photos!

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