Hospital Glam Bag Must Haves

I remember when Kim Kardashian was getting ready to give birth to North West she talked about a glam squad coming to the hospital and people freaked out. They called her vein, said she was self absorbed, etc. I was totally team Kim. Giving birth doesn’t mean you have to look sweaty, gross, and like you ran a marathon. People say birth is a beautiful thing- they are confused. The IDEA of birth- a new life coming into the world, seeing your baby and holding them for the first time is beautiful- the actual ACT of birth .. not so much.

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Call me crazy but when I went into labor with my second son, I was straightening my hair, making sure my nails weren’t chipped, and grabbing my make up so I could be sure to fix myself after he was born. If I had the means for a glam squad I would have been right up there with Kimmy K!

While my plan was all well and good to look gorgeous when I had my second son, once the rubber hit the road and the real contractions started, I pretty much threw my hair in a clip and high tailed to the hospital. BUT I was prepared with a bag of goodies so AFTER I had him I was ready to look presentable.


Here are some Hospital Glam Bag Must Haves

Hospital Glam Bag Must Haves

Towels– It sounds crazy, but the hospital towels they have are about the size of a wash cloth. Make sure you pack your towels from home to make drying off from the shower a little easier.


Hair straighener/ Wand– I liked to make sure my hair was done after my shower. I was getting a ton of visitors and taking a ton of pictures with the new baby. I love the fact that when I look back at the pictures from the hospital, I’m not thinking.. boy I was a hot mess!

Hospital Glam Bag Must Haves


Blow dryer– We actually forgot this and I was lost. Luckily my husband ran home and grabbed mine. After I took a shower, I wanted my hair nice and blow dried.


Comfortable clothes– I’m not one for wearing the hospital gowns. I liked being able to wear my own clothes and opted for comfy sweats and a comfortable shirt.


Comfortable clothes- I'm not one for wearing the hospital gowns. I liked being able to wear my own clothes and opted for comfy sweats and a comfortable shirt.Make up– Okay so you don’t have to go full make up with contouring, but there’s nothing wrong with being able to apply some mascara.





Everyone’s bag of goodies is different, but to make your hospital visit the most relaxing, incorporate things from home!

Hospital Glam Bag Must Haves

What are your glam bag must haves?

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  1. I agree! There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good in pictures and I’m sure Kim had to worry about people looking for that one terrible picture so they could slam her

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