Connect to Family and Friends with Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Everyone has a busy schedule, especially when they have children. This means that throughout the year it is easy to drift apart and forget to call. Each year, we send Christmas cards to highlight some of the fun we had and include current pictures of our kids. It allows us to connect with family and friends that we may not have the opportunity to connect with as often as we would like. For some of the members on our Christmas card list, this may be the only correspondence we have during the year, which is why we choose Shutterfly to create our cards!

When you are short on time and want quality results it’s important to use the right tools and Shutterfly has them! We begin by uploading our favorite pictures from throughout the year. We can upload directly from our social media accounts, cell phone, or our local hard drive with ease. This saves an incredible amount of time and allows for a swift selection of pictures. Next, we select my top 5 card styles and Shutterfly allows us to view our photos in each style and customize the cards to our pictures. Shutterfly is constantly adding to their selection and offer features like Foil Stamped Cards, Personalized Foil Cards, Glitter cards, and more!  Lastly, we choose and customize our text to complete our card and provide that finished, professional quality look. After finishing our cards, Shutterfly takes creativity one step further and allows us to design custom envelopes. We can add special graphics to the address field and even have all of our envelopes printed. With Shutterfly we can create custom cards from start to finish quickly and easily, allowing us to save money and spend more time with our family.

Without further adieu, here is our 2019 Christmas Card!

It seems every year is better than the next, but this year we were beyond pleased with our family Christmas card. We were able to capture all of our Disney Family Vacation fun and share it with our family and friends. Don’t forget to check the header on Shutterfly’s site to see the special promos they are running! We were able to snag a whopping 50% off PLUS free shipping!!

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