Delano Las Vegas- Eats and Drinks

The Delano Las Vegas left nothing to chance, and had the hottest of hot with its food and drink spots.

Delano Las Vegas Exterior

Della’s Kitchen– conveniently located on the main level and welcome to walk-ins. Their menu truly reflects the essence they quote as “historic farmhouse meets urban kitchen”. This was my go-to for breakfast just about every day. Be sure to check out their coffee options!

Delano Las Vegas Debuts On The Las Vegas Strip

Mix at Delano– If you are looking for dinner with a view, this is your spot. The gorgeous bar overlooks the Vegas strip making you feel like you truly are on top of the world. The beautiful glass bubbles surround the dining area creating a majestic and carefree ambiance. Dinner was outstanding and dessert was so good it felt like a sin. Mix was without a doubt one of my favorite dining experiences from our trip!



Franklin– Another walk-in service option located in the lobby near the reception area. This sensual area gives the perception that you can look up into the sky with its lighting effects. Perfect meeting area for drinks and apps before heading out on the town.

Franklin Lounge at Delano Las Vegas


While at the Delano you can also check out Mix Lounge and 3940 Coffee and Tea.


Read more about Delano here! Plus check out all the fun that took place when the Lumia team hit up the Vegas strip.


Disclosure- Microsoft Lumia sponsored this trip to CES and all of its awesomeness!


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