Head to T-Mobile for a Gift that Holds Excitement All Year

Purchasing Christmas gifts for our kids can be challenging, especially when you are trying to incorporate practical and fun. Its no secret that screens are all the rage. Whether its an iPad, tablet, or new phone, there is some type of screen device at the top of their Christmas Wish List. Luckily, my Type-A personality is able to stick to an efficient gift giving strategy, all while being cost effective. My oldest guy is going to be floored when he opens up a box with his very own cell phone in it and thanks to T-Mobile#UpgradeYourself this Christmas gift is going to hold the excitement all year!

My oldest son is eight, but he’s at the point now where a lot of his time is spent with friends. This “crew” of athletes are a great group of kids and an even better group of parents. They’re often having sleep overs and get togethers where most of them bring their cell phones. For the past few months, my guy has been begging for his own cell, but I had reservations about putting that much power into his hands. If you read my post about FamilyMode, you know that T-Mobile has created the perfect device for parents in the same boat.

This season when my husband suggested a cell phone for our biggest guy, I was quickly on board. Being a T-Mobile Ambassador for the past few months has helped me learned so much about their generosity and the benefits of being a T-Mobile customer. After switching to T-Mobile and adding a new phone line, we’re still going to be saving on our bill each month. This phone is not only a gift for him, but a gift for my husband and I. Having the ability to contact our son while he is out overnight is so important. However, him having the ability to shoot a quick message to his dad or I may be even more important. If he needs us for anything he will not have to ask someone to call us or feel funny about asking. By having the ability to monitor his usage with T-Mobile FamilyMode, we can not only give him the gift that every child wants, but ensure that he is not spending all of his time on his phone.

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