Give a Gift Card and Save Money With Cardpool

Holiday gift giving is always a fun time, especially if you are the recipient. While most people love to give a specific gift, I LOVE receiving gift cards. With a gift card I can not only purchase the exact item I want, but it also provides me an excuse to go shopping (which most mom’s consider as a vacation in itself when you can go alone). When the gift card is for a restaurant, that means that hubby and I can go enjoy a date night! For anyone who is apprehensive about giving me a gift card- please remember, that is sometimes the best gift of all because there is so much more to the gift besides the card! I was super excited to learn about Cardpool– an awesome gift card site that allows you to save money by purchasing or selling gift cards!

Give a Gift Card and Save Money With Cardpool

What is Cardpool?

Cardpool is a service that lets you buy discounted gift cards for up to 35% off or sell gift cards for cash. All orders and transactions include FREE USPS shipping, and are covered by their extensive Purchase Guarantee Program. Cardpool has just about every gift card you can imagine. From restaurants and retail, to gas, tech, and even wedding, the selection is endless! You are sure to find something for everyone, with gift cards specific for kids and pets too!

Give a Gift Card and Save Money With Cardpool


How do I save money?

Each card is sold for less than the face value and up to 35% off! Since they are gift cards, you can still use any rewards, coupons, or store discounts. If you are planning to purchase the gift card anyway, its a win-win!

Finding a specific gift card is easy! You can search by brand name or category. I knew I needed to pick up a few books for my sons, so I selected the Books Music Movies Gift Cards category on Cardpool. From there, the Discounted gift cards are listed above and the Out of Stock cards are listed separately, allowing you to add an Out of Stock card to your Wishlist! I spotted the specific book store I wanted, and saved 11% on something I was going to buy anyway!

In addition to my love for fast and easy ways to save money, I also love the security of Cardpool. After purchasing my cards, I received an email that stated the following:

In order to protect our customers from identity and credit card theft, we will need you to verify your order through our online verification system found here:
This should be a one time verification for your account. Cardpool uses an identity verification service to prevent credit card and identity theft, and the verification process should take less than a minute and can be completed at your convenience.

Give a Gift Card and Save Money With Cardpool

How Cardpool works:

Cardpool connects all the gift card holders around the world to create a gift card exchange marketplace where customers can buy or sell their gift cards easily and safely. By gathering all the buyers and sellers in one place, Cardpool helps everyone get exactly what they want, whether it’s a discounted gift card, a different gift card, or cash.

Have a drawer full of gift cards you’ll never use? Now you can make money!

Sell unused or partially used gift cards or eGift cards to Cardpool! Sell your gift card for cash, or earn an additional 6% when you exchange it for an Amazon gift card. (Link to Sell- http://j.mp/sellatcardpool)

Give a Gift Card and Save Money With Cardpool

Don’t wait to start saving! The holidays are here and there’s gift cards waiting for you! Check out Cardpool and get a boost on your holiday shopping!


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