Happy Fathers Day To The Most Amazing Dad


Today I wish a very Happy Fathers to the most amazing dad- who also happens to be my husband. I say that you are an amazing dad, not because I am married to you, but because you truly ARE the MOST AMAZING DAD. Here are some of the things amazing dads do:

fathers day 2


– Dress up like a pirate with your son and walk around DisneyWorld

– Sit up holding your baby all night because they can’t breath


– Get up and get the kids ready for school, cook them breakfast, and take care of the house while mommy is out of commission with a headache

– Grow your hair out to be Thor for Halloween because your son asked you

fathers day5

– Coach your son’s tball team

– Teach your kids its only okay to kill something when you’re going to eat it

– Get so excited when you find out you’re going to be a first time dad, that you jump up and down


– Get so excited when you find out you’re going to be a dad AGAIN, that you jump up and down

fathers day3

– Love your kids more than anything in the world

fathers day4


Happy Fathers Day to the best thing I’ve ever called mine! xoxo


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