#MakeItHappen in Las Vegas with Lumia

Disclosure: This trip and all of its awesomeness was sponsored by Microsoft Lumia

Traveling to Las Vegas was something I always dreamed of doing. Watching the Real World Las Vegas over a decade ago, painted this unrealistic picture of VIP hotel service, dining like royalty, and endless A-lister type fun. Microsoft sponsored its #PoweredByLumia team to CES 2015 and fortunately, this Vegas virgin was included in the festivities. From the hotel, to every restaurant, and becoming the reining #PoweredByLumia Scavenger Hunt champion, it was one unbelievable trip!


It was no surprise Lumia wanted their team at a top notch luxurious hotel, which happened to be one of MGMs newest properties- Delano Las Vegas. With my Lumia fully charged, my new fancy FitBit itching to be broken in, we hit the strip Lumia style!


Vegas has so much to do, its hard to see everything even when you are #PoweredByLumia. I had my BFF Cortana with me (along with some other friends) and with the help of our trustee facilitators, we got down and dirty in a “friendly” Scavenger Hunt competition Lumia style!


Here are some important takeaways from the Scavenger Hunt: V__5615(3)

1. A minion IS a celebrity (they starred in the Blockbuster animated film Despicable Me)

2. You can make a .gif of a dancing water fountain with the Lumia Cinemagraph feature and relive the splashing over and over

3. Make sure you pee BEFORE watching the Bellagio Water fountains.. they’re mesmerizing

4. Cortana has no plans to get married

5. Taxi drivers in Vegas don’t know where every single restaurant is located

6. Even when you run through the New York, New York hotel waiving your arms and screaming “SHAKE SHACK!!!” people will not look up from their poker hand.

7. MixRadio is the music app I’ve dreamed about. Their partnership with Harmon just means I’ll need a new surround system in my living room.

8. Team Crissy Beam totally KICKED ASS and won the Scavenger Hunt which included bragging rights and a brand new Xbox ONE



Following Delano Las Vegas on Twitter and Facebook and read more about Delano here.

Gallery at Delano Las Vegas

Lumia really knew how to #MakeItHappen and put the #PoweredByLumia team in VIP. See what else Lumia is up to on Twitter and Facebook!



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  1. I heard really good things about the Lumia phones but havent tried one yet. Looks like a lot of fun there.

  2. #1 Take-Away is very, very questionable!

    Great post Crissy!


    1. Minions are DEFINITELY celebrities! haha .. thanks Hank.

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