What Items Should Be On Your Baby Shower Registry

When you find out you’re having a baby, it’s the most exciting news ever! You start grabbing books or searching online for information about baby and products. You get to go to the store and create your list of baby goods for family and friends to buy for your shower celebrating the newest addition to your family. As exciting as this moment is, there’s so many brands, types, and varieties it can make it overwhelming to know what items should be on your baby shower registry.

Baby Shower Registry CheckList

When registering, you should put all items on your list including not just things you need, but want as well. Include your larger ticket items because sometimes multiple people will go in on one gift, but also make sure to have items that are under $20 for those that need to spend less.

Do your research before you go so you’re prepared when you get there. When researching consider why items are #1. Is it for price, quality, or safety? It helps you make a better informed decision. Ask friends who have small children for advice. Items are always changing so asking someone about a car seat who has a 10 year old most likely won’t know what car seat is best on the market today.

Most of all, enjoy this moment! You will be using these items for the first couple of years and you need to be sure you like it.

Let’s Shop!


Crib Mattress
Changing Table (some dressers can now be used as a changing table)
Infant Car Seat
Convertible Car Seat
Pack N Play
High Chair
Stroller/Carriage (Travel System or Traditional)
Breast Pump
Diaper Bag
Bouncy Chair
Crib Sheets (3-4)
Mattress Pads/Waterproof Pads (2)
Changing Table Pad (1) and Covers (2)
Receiving Blankets (4-6)
Crib Bedding
Diapers (register for different sizes)
Baby Wipes
Diaper Cream (Butt Cream)
Bath Tub
Bath Towels (3-4)
Wash Cloths
Shampoo, Body Wash, and Lotion
Grooming Kit
Child Safety (Outlet covers/cabinet locks/corner guards)
Bottles (You need to know what bottle system you’ll be using)

This list will surely get you started. There’s still much more you can add to your list, but these are your essentials!

What item(s) are you most confused about buying? What item are you most excited about buying?


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