Three Tips to Getting Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables with Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches

The food game is challenging and frustrating for even veteran parents. In a perfect world, our kids would run to the table waiting to gobble up all of the colorful veggies on their plate. In reality, my somewhat picky eaters ask for the same two vegetables every day. While it’s true that parents should really pick their battles, the best plan of action for adding more veggies to your kids’ bellies is often times enlisting some friends, or, in our case, a familiar product. Which is why we are so excited to partner with Stonyfield® Organic Kids® and share three tips for getting your kids to eat more vegetables with Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches!

1. Start with a product they know and love. We’ve been a Stonyfield® family since our oldest was a baby, so it was a natural transition to start incorporating Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches into their diet. My kids love the taste and we love that they are made with 35% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt. With flavors like Apple Cinnamon Sweet Potato and Blueberry Apple Carrot, it’s sure to be another kid favorite!

2. Make it a fun on-the-go snack! Not only are Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches a delicious, must have treat for my kids, but they are perfect to grab and go. For some reason my kids are always starving the moment we have to leave the house. Whether we’re going to an activity or running to the grocery store, they need some type of snack! Made with REAL fruits and veggies, Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches are convenient and mess-free, making it one of the easiest organic snacks to give them.

3. Give them the freedom and independence they’ve wanted in choosing their snacks! I love that Stonyfield® is USDA Organic and non-GMO project verified, but best of all, it’s easy for all three of my kids to get themselves! My 3 and 5-year-olds can easily help themselves to the pouches, encouraging them to gain a little independence and feel confident in their mom- approved snack choices!

When we find a product all three of our kids will eat, like Stonyfield® Organic Kids®, we run with it! Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches contain all of the things kids love, while still maintaining the nutritional aspects that make parents feel confident about incorporating Stonyfield® into their family’s routine! Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks on-the-go or to include in a lunchbox, Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches have you covered!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stonyfield® Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches.
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