Game Time Grub and Fireside Sips: A Guide to Comfy Lounging Essentials

When it’s game time or fireside lounging season, having the right grub and sips can elevate the experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine wrapping yourself in the unparalleled warmth of a Wearable Thermal Wrap, a game-changing accessory that ensures you stay cozy and snug without the bulk. This wrap offers 500% more warmth than a traditional stadium blanket while remaining windproof and weatherproof, making it perfect for bleacher seating or fireside relaxation. With this essential piece, you can fully immerse yourself in the game or the warmth of the firepit without worrying about chilly temperatures or damp conditions.

Pair your thermal wrap with a selection of delicious snacks and a refreshing drink from your trusty water bottle or a piping hot cup of coffee to keep you toasty from the inside out. Slip into your comfiest shoes, sink into a plush chair, and prepare to indulge in the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. And for those who like to add a touch of sophistication to their lounging experience, consider bringing along a to-go cocktail kit to craft your favorite drinks on the go. With these comfy lounging essentials, every game day or fireside gathering is transformed into a cozy and memorable occasion.

Get The Mozy

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Ready To Avoid The Jeans Over PJs Mistake? This Incredible Wearable Thermal Wrap For The Outdoors Keeps You 500% Warmer Than A Stadium Blanket Without Bulky Layers. Mozy’s patented warmth technology design, created by a thermodynamic engineer, is both windproof to block the biting wind and weatherproof to sit on any wet surface.

Mozy is easy to use: just wrap around your waist and go! No hassle easy on/off Velcro closure. Put Mozy on to experience 5X the warmth of a stadium blanket in under 30 seconds! Plus Mozy is completely safe. It uses the laws of heat transfer to seal in your own body heat, no batteries or external heat sources required. Stop letting frigid conditions spoil the fun and get Mozy, the best invention for the outdoors since the coat!



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Last year, zak! raised the bar on its commitment to innovation and being an environmentally responsible company with the introduction of the Harmony water bottle, which not only provides a functional and fashionable way to reduce single-use plastic bottles but is also made from 75% recycled materials. This year, zak! is taking that same commitment even further by combining all the benefits of the Harmony bottles with a whole new level of versatility. Like the original Harmony bottles, the new line of Harmony 2-in-1 tumblers and bottles are made with recycled stainless steel and plastic, but the newest versions give customers even more to smile about with the addition of zak!’s innovative 2-in-1 lid. Designed with a pull-up spout on one side and covered drinking portal on the other, the 2-in-1 lid allows you to use the same tumbler for both hot and cold beverages regardless of how you prefer to drink them.

Available at zak.com , the new 40oz Harmony 2-in-1 tumbler has a thick body with a substantial handle on the side to give you a good grip on the tumbler. The 30oz bottle features a slimmer design with a carrying handle on the top that allows it to be easily clipped onto backpacks or bags. Both versions are designed to fit snuggly into most car cup holders and, unlike many other double-wall vacuum insulated bottles on the market, the Harmony bottles are easy to clean and sanitize because they’re top-rack dishwasher safe. And because looking good should go hand-in-hand with doing good, both versions of the Harmony 2-in- 1 are available in four fashionable colors to complement any style. Getting rid of single use plastic cups and bottles has never looked so good.

Good Citizen Coffee

Good Citizen is a Nashville-based coffee company and lifestyle brand committed to compassion, conservation, and really great coffee. Through our Flora & Fauna Initiative, we pay an extra 5% to select coffee farmers so they can invest back in their land, creating healthy, fertile soil for generations to come.

From our flash chilled coffee to our perfectly roasted coffee beans, you can’t go wrong with any of the selections!

Pacayal: This blend is produced by a group of indigenous Lenca women from the Marcala Region of Honduras, boasting a balanced flavor of panela and peach cobbler.

Perennial Common Voice: Brewed from handpicked perennial Colombian beans, this alluring decaf is enticingly smooth, with notes of lemon, toffee, and creamy sweetness.

Finca Cedral Alto Washed: Savor the complex crispness of this light roast, grown at Roble Negro in Costa Rica, tasting of bright key lime and sweet honeycomb.

Note: Check out their Ceramic Thumb Cup!

CT Shoreline Apparel Co.

Ct Shoreline Apparel not only brings a touch of personalized flair to the game but also ensures superb quality in every garment. Their customized apparel caters to players, teams, and the families cheering them on, offering a wide array of options to suit every taste and style. Whether it’s a catchy slogan, the name of a beloved team, or the individual players themselves, Ct Shoreline Apparel provides a diverse range of designs that reflect the unique spirit of each wearer. From vibrant jerseys boasting team logos to cozy hoodies adorned with witty sayings, every piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and durability.

Not only does their apparel foster team spirit, but it also adds an extra layer of excitement to the game day experience, elevating the atmosphere for players and supporters alike. With Ct Shoreline Apparel, players can proudly represent their team on and off the field, while families and supporters can showcase their unwavering dedication with unique and eye-catching designs that withstand the test of time, creating lasting memories for seasons to come.


Cocktail Kits 2 Go have everything you need to craft cocktail classics all in one small, home bar, in-case-of-emergency package. For instance, the Champagne Cocktail Kit includes the ingredients to craft a perfect Champagne Cocktail – aromatic bitters, sugar cubes, flute charm, and instructions for making the drink as it has been made since the late 1800s–all tucked into a vintage-styled, travel-sized tin. Just add your favorite sparkling wine.

They also have Margaritas, Mojitos, Martinis, Moscow Mules, Gin Smash, Old Fashioned, etc.


As the weather starts to change and spring starts to peek its head in, indulge in the delightful array of treats from Nuts.com for your ideal Easter/Passover gifts for every palate! Delicious, festive, and memorable. Nuts.com is the one-stop shop for sweet treats the whole family will enjoy! Give your baskets an upgrade this year with one of

Nuts.com’s signature spring selections, including the Spring Pretzel Collection, Nuts About Spring Gift Tray, and the No Bunny Like You Tray. Each of these trays will satisfy a variety of flavor profiles and will be the focal point of any gathering.

Nortiv8 Shoes

Nortiv8 was created for those with a spirit to explore. When you step outside, whether pursuing a fitter body, a healthier mind, or just want to have fun with friends, Nortiv8 is a reliable footwear partner.

Sky Cushion Women’s Slip On Gym

Supportive Midsole & Insole: The thick EVA foam midsole offers rebound and shock absorption, alleviating pressure and impact on the joints with the thickened soft insole.

Easy On & Off: With the out-turned collar and elastic no-tie laces you can put on and remove these women’s slip-on walking sneakers with minimal effort.

Enhanced Stability & Fit: The X-shaped TPU anti-torsion plate in the midsole ensures enhanced stability and prevents twisting that can lead to sprains, while the 3D textured design strengthens the upper for durability and a secure fit.

Breathable & Skin-Friendly: The layered mesh fabric upper allows optimal air circulation, while the interior features elastic, skin-friendly Lycra fabric that minimizes friction, ensuring breathability and ventilation.

Slip-Resistant Outsole: The specially crafted rubber outsole features a textured design for outstanding slip and abrasion resistance, making this pair ideal for extended walks.

Bruno Marcs Shoes

Men’s fashion shoes have become a crucial component of our everyday life. Walking around the neighborhood, hiking to see a friend, running to burn off excess glucose, and a few more activities are proof of this. These fashion materials are more than just a piece to hoard in our shoe racks; they are necessary. Over time, shoes accompany us on our everyday journeys and have eventually become a lifetime companion for both men.

Bruno Marc is a brand of Top Glory Trading Group. Its goal is to improve men’s style and to provide today’s modern men with quality shoes. Why choose us? Because Bruno Marc has a vast collection that covers Leather Shoes, Loafers, Chukkas, Chelsea Boots, Sneakers, and beyond.

We are passionate about making shoes better. We listen to every piece of feedback and will continue to develop the best products for our awesome customers. Bruno Marc does its utmost to bring shoppers quality shoes.

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chairs 

Padded Moon Round Chair Saucer Recliner with Folding Cup Holder and Carry Bag

Oversize and Comfortable measuring 35.4″ X 31.5″ X 35.4″.with Durable Oxford Fabric, Well-padded Seat, Back to Ensure Exceptional Indoor and Outdoor Comfort.

Extra straps on the bottom enhance the tear resistance of the fabric, improving the overall weight capacity of 350 LBS. Leg tube with diameter 0.9”, guarantee safety and quality.

Easy to Carry- Weights 13.9 LBS. Packaged size: 35.43″ x 25.98″ x 38.19″. It comes with a carry bag for carriage and storage. This chair is good for the lawn, camping, sporting events, outdoor and indoor activities.

High-Grade Material- With hammer tone powder coating prevents corrosion and fading. Durable heavy-duty steel stable frame, more stable construction.

Extra Storage Spaces- Side pocket allows you to store your drinking cup and other personal items

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