Finding Rainbows At The End Of The Storm

No matter what life throws at you it’s always important to maintain your dignity, grace, and composure. Keep your chin up and know that things are bound to turn around. And when all else fails and you realize that some things may never be the same, accept it, move forward and always embrace the rainbow at the end of the storm!

It’s amazing how much your life can change in the blink of an eye …or a hit of the head. It’s been a little over one year since I proclaimed how I was going to move forward in 2014 with embracing every moment- good and bad- that created a memory. While I kept my 2014 promise, I move into 2015 with the same dedication but also in acceptance. While my future is unknown and today marks exactly two years since this freak accident brain injury has turned my life in a complete tailspin, I cannot try to change the path of my direction of progress. I can simply accept the cards I’ve been dealt and switch from playing a get rich “quick” game of Poker to a friendly and entertaining game of Go Fish.

Storm Clouds Saskatchewan

My interests, activities, and desires from a life I once knew must now adapt to the life I have now. No matter how much I want to deny or pretend, there are certain things that are no longer in my scope. I can’t do lights, concerts, wild rides, or pretty much be anywhere that has crazy buzzing, beeping, or florescent lights, but there’s so much more to life than those things. All-in-all it could always be a lot worse but let’s be honest sucks.

So rather than throw a pity party for myself, I’ll do the only thing I know and try to win the challenge of accepting MY challenges. Which includes appreciating the friendships won and lost, continuing to focus on the good, socking some memories into the forever vault, and letting go of the things I can’t control.


Here’s to finding a rainbow at the end of every storm!


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  1. Great post and great outlook. Sometimes it is so hard to find that rainbow. Having one of those days – this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! Hang in there .. days like that make you appreciate the wonderful ones! xo

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