Rockstar Style Customer Service with T-Mobile’s Team of Experts

Customer Service is an essential part of any company. After being in customer service for years, I can’t help but have really high expectations anytime I interact with a customer service department. There are so many companies that are lacking in customer service, which is why anytime I find a company that truly knocks it out of the park, I feel an obligation to let the world know. T-Mobile is offering rockstar style customer service with their Team of Experts, so of course I want to yell about it from rooftops!

T-Mobile is raising the bar for customer service with their Team of Experts. They’re offering a customer service model which includes a team of customer care professionals dedicated to YOUR area! As an Un-Carrier customer, not only do you have access to your own Team of Experts, but there’s no more robots or automated systems. In fact, you can actually SEE a photo of your customer care professional in the T-Mobile App on iOS and Android. T-Mobile is following through with their promise to make their customers feel like Rockstars. So when I talk to my expert Wendy, she not only knows I want to find out about adding another line, but she also knows the sun is finally shinning in my neck of the woods. If you reach out T-Mobile’s Team of Experts, not only will your issue be resolved, but your dedicated customer care professional will follow it through to the end, including reaching out to you with status updates through the conclusion!

When I have a superior customer service experience, I’m 100% more likely to tell everyone! T-Mobile is working to make the world a better place by asking others to share their winning customer service stories! We recently purchased a new Nectar mattress for our youngest son. In the time between putting the mattress protector on, our little princess snuck into her brother’s bed and had an accident. We called Nectar customer service to find out about getting a new tercel cooling cover, and as a courtesy, they offered to send us one! My husband and I were both shocked, and immediately took to social media to let everyone know about our awesome experience with Nectar’s customer service.

Regardless of the business, you’re more likely to feel comfortable with a company’s customer service, when its convenient and doesn’t feel like a chore. Which is why T-Mobile’s Team of Experts, feels more like contacting a friend. As a busy mom, being able to send a message to my Team in the T-Mobile app is something I definitely appreciate! I can easily speak with my Team Expert via text message, and even pick up where we last left off!

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What are some of your winning experiences with other great companies and individuals?

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